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About Us

Ok, so below is the old 'About Us' stuff.  A quick update, in haste...
We sold Stock Wood and moved to South Devon to build Spindlebrook no-dig Market Garden and were overjoyed to be given planning permission to live on our land. We're in the process of building our new home and market garden and have been on a steep learning curve this past couple of years.

I'm thinking I'll start blogging on here again, it's a lovely medium that I'd forgotten about, recently rediscovered through a friend reminding me of the post about my first allotment!

So watch this space for posts on house building and creating and running a no-dig market garden :)


Hello :)

I'm passionate about sustainable land design/management and live a low impact lifestyle with my partner Leo, in a yurt on an incredible Exmoor smallholding that is a mosaic of diverse habitats. See the 'Photographs' page to explore!
We care for Shetland, Hebridean & Castlemilk moorit sheep, dairy goats, Cuckoo Maran hens and ex-battery hens, black indian runner ducks and a collie called Willow.

I'm co-founder and run Our Woods was central in stopping the public forest estate sell-off in 2011 and continues to work closely with government and organisations to achieve the best outcome for the woods and forests of England, public or private.

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