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Here are a selection of photographs of our Exmoor smallholding over the seasons. They give just a flavour of only some of the amazing creatures and habitats that we have here!

I'll be adding to the sets as I plough through my photographs.

Some of the most exciting things I've seen here but haven't photographed have to be these:

Peregrines, Hobbies, Hawks, Herons, Ravens, Owls (the MOST exciting encounter being with a short eared owl!), Stoats, Starlings, Redwings, Gold crests, Bats, Woodcocks, Grasshopper, Willow and Dartford warblers, Slow worms, Adders, Long tailed tits, Dippers, Lesser spotted, Greater spotted and Green woodpeckers... I could go on and on!


Fungi, moss and Lichens

Fields and Hedgerows


River and River meadow

A short video of our river, the West Lyn, in spate!


Scrub land/regeneration slope



Track and Linnhay



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