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Look! I made butter, that's what!!!

The easiest thing in the world! I couldn't believe it, it was like magic or something.

Put about 400ml of double cream in an empty 2 litre plastic milk carton. Put the lid on FIRMLY and then shake vigorously until you hear a kind of thudding and sloshing. The thudding is the butter and the sloshing is the butter milk separated. You'll know when it's happening.

Don't give up if after 10 mins you think nothing is happening and it's all just sticking to the sides - have faith, keep shaking, it will butterise!

Then pour out the butter milk into a nice clean jug - keep to make a scone or cake or something.

Cut the milk carton in half and scoop out the butter into a colander.

Run the butter under a gently running COLD tap and chop into it with a knife for a bit - this eases out any more butter milk.

Turn the tap off and put the butter in a bowl, sprinkle in about a 1/2 a teaspoon of salt and chop the salt into the butter with your knife to mix it in. That's optional though.

Then using two wooden spatulas shape and squeeze the butter into whatever shape you like. Some liquid might come out at that point, just mop it up with a clean cloth and put your butter in a dish. Then take lots of pics of it and tell all your friends!

It's butter, it's gorgeous!!



  1. You make it sound so simple, hen. But, how long did it take, altogether?

  2. Only 15 minutes at the most. About 5 to 10 mins of shaking the cream in the bottle and then up to 5 minutes washing the rest of the buttermilk out of the butter and shaping the pat.

    Honest! Give it a go and you'll see what I mean!

  3. Hi, I,m cottonreel,I really fancy making butter,My village shop has elmlea cream this week 2 cartons for £1, I,m going to give it a go. wondering if it taste,s like sour milk .

  4. Hi cottonreel! :)

    I'm not sure if Elmlea is pure cream and if it will work? Let me know if it is and if it works! :)

    I wouldn't say it tasted sour, it depends on the cream you use. I'm a big lardy bum so I use double jersey cream, if it's on offer, and that makes really velvety, creamy butter!!


  5. Hi all, good post. Thank you for it.
    I can make butter churns of pine wood for anybody who is interested in.
    Keep writing :)


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