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I carved a spoon!

Leo and I got some Svante Djarv carving tools for Christmas and here is what I have made! A Damson tree in our garden fell over in the rains this summer. I saved a lot of the wood from the fire for carving.

I started by picking a curved branch, I then used a small hand axe to make a very rough spoon shape. Then I moved on to using the carving knife to continue forming the 'spoon' shape. I decided to make a wiggly top so left the end of the spoon thick. For the bowl of the spoon I used a spoon knife. These are knives that have been curved so you can scrape out the bowl without damaging the sides.

After making the bowl I used the knife on the back of it to give more of a bowl shape. Then I tackled the wiggly bit. I chose the way the wiggle was goin to go by the pattern on the wood. It's difficult to see in the pic but there is a pink seam running all the way up the spoon.

When I'd finished carving I used a rough sand paper all over it and then a fine sand paper. I then used grapeseed oil to finish.

It was so satisfying!


  1. That is the greatest spoon I have ever seen. Major props!

  2. Thanks Florentino. It was very dangerous though, I sliced my finger twice to make that wiggle!

  3. Hi , just came across your blog on looking up arts, lovely work you do, enjoyed all the pics, and Scotland well I am a bit biased on that subject, glad you enjoyed it there, will pop back again your blog is lovely

  4. Beeswax, thank you so much for your kind words!

    I was bred in Paisley and moved to Ingaland when I was 10. The fresh smell of the braes stays with me and I believe that has been the reason for my need to be outdoors.

    Scotland is very much my home, and I miss it.

  5. Hen, just found your blog and read it all, ending on your Beautiful story about Humus, I got all teary and was so happy for a happy ending. I love your baskets, i'v made a few in my day, but yours are gorgeous, your adventures are breath taking, the wild pony in the morning light! Beauty is all around, but we most be willing to take the time to appreciate it.amy

  6. Hen, I just found your blog from reading beeswax. i read it to the end, i became very teary and filled with chills on reading your story about Humus, so happy it had a happy ending! You are a beautiful writer, that is a story I would read to my children or just get for myself, a wonderful lesson there about seeing the beauty in life, to be gentle with it, enjoy it,but leave it for others to find. it seems that this is the way you lead your life. amy


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