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We bought land!!

Well, finally, we have bought a piece of land! 44 acres of beautiful Exmoor.

An ancient oak woodland, a stunning river, hazel coppice, river meadow, a huge old ruin, 15 acres of unimproved grassland, miles of incredible banks with beech hedges on top, views south over the moor and north out to the sea and on to the Black Mountains in Wales.

We came close to buying other pieces of land but none of them come anywhere near this bit of land for atmosphere, beauty, possibility, area or diversity.

Can't wait to get on and design!


  1. wow! 44 acres of heaven!1 well done you! i'd love my own woodlands, that would be my own heaven1

    Leanne x

  2. I have read some but not all your posts after following you from the creative living forum and wondered how you found your land?

    Do you plan to live their or can you not get planning

    I ask because this is something we would love to do and have been loooking on the woodlands site but are confused by planning laws

    we would like to put a mobile home on a wood/meadow site and keep animals and grow veg and harvest any natural products like wood and berries etc

    Any tips welcome

    Shaz mum of 2


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