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Our land in Exmoor

Been camping on our land for the past few days. Although, as you can see from the pictures, the weather was claggy (we were mostly in the cloud!) it was still a beautiful place to be. Some of the views stop you in your tracks, the pic above being one of them, it's the view to the north of our land, the sea is just over the horizon.

I spent what ended up being an hour or so watching four, huge, red deer stags (with their antlers back again), munching their way through our regeneration area (pic above, didn't get any photies of the deer though!) and eating the leaves from some of the trees. The deer are utterly striking. Although they do mean that we have to erect solid and reliable fencing if we want to plant anything!

You'll have to click on this pic to see this clearer but that is a picture of an edible mushroom called Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus) growing in one of our oak trees. It's a double edged sword really; I was really excited by the fact that I would be scoffing this mushroom soon and sad at the fact it meant that such a young oak tree was dying. The mushroom feeds off the heartwood of trees, turning it into a brown mess. Resulting, ultimately, in the tree collapsing.


  1. How totally fab to have this place as your own. Will watch Mr Kingdom with renewed interest now as he must be near-ish to you. btw Is that Willow in the last photo? What had she spotted while you were eyeing up your dinner?

  2. Thanks e and e!! I've been trying to work out where abouts Johnny's land is, no luck so far!

    Willow has been having the best time ever at the land. If it's not red deer or badgers it's squirrels!



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