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Bye, Bye little Cotswold House

We've rented this little weavers cottage for the past few years. When we arrived a dodgy landscaping company had been in and dug the garden up and cut everything back almost to the ground! It's taken this long for the garden to come into it's own with a bit of work and now we are moving out!! Unfortunately the inside of the house hadn't been cared for at all, so we wont be missing that. It would have been ok if we could have repaired a lot of things, but we couldn't, never mind!

The view from the front door step is lovely! South facing and glorious in the summer.

Bye bye little house.


  1. Bittersweet, I'm sure. Lovely garden!

  2. What a beautiful little cottage, and what a shame you had to leave it, even if the interior was a shambles.

  3. It's what we're leaving it for that is keeping us from feeling bad at leaving.


    ... soon... if we can find somewhere to rent!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I could almost have written this post about ourselves apart from your lovely front garden and the fact we aren't leaving - yet. But believe it our not, we ARE planning to move to Devon next year - are we living parallel lives?
    We are near Burford, is that anywhere near you? (I know the Cotswolds is a pretty all encompassing area). Anyway, what a great blog, I'm adding you to my blog roll right now!

  5. Helloo PG!

    We were in Chedworth. A lovely little place!

    I actually have a confession to make... when I was pushed to start thinking about illustrating childrens books I searched the internet for advice. I found your Fred, he really moved me!! That led me to your blog and I thought that a blog seemed a very good idea. To help with momentum and that. So really, I only have this blog because I found your blog!!

    The first post for this blog (now deleted) was called Huma and started off as a description of a sketch I'd done. As I tried to describe what Huma meant I found myself writing a little story. Which I love and once I've illustrated it (along with a few other things) might see about getting some books printed. So really, without your blog and your art I would never have written Huma.

    So, PG, actually, without knowing it you have been inspirational to me! Thank you, very, very much!

  6. Goodness gracious me! Well, I am pleased to have been of service, albeit unkowingly! Chedworth is the most to-die-for village, we have only been there once for a long walk, but I fell in love with it - we are/were only down the road from you, off the A439 near Shipton under Wychwood as you go towards Burford...I can completely understand your moving though, renting round here is prohibitively expensive. Hence our plans to Devon it too.


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