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Wonderful time I had, just wonderful! I'll post a piece about it soon and about my new hat what I knitted, aaahhhhnd about my new spinning wheel that I don't know how to use!

For now though the picture above gives something of the atmosphere of these past two weeks.

It's a bit hectic now though. Ho hum.

with much love,


  1. Nice to see you back, really looking forward to hearing a bit about your retreat. Well doen on the spinning wheel - little and often is the key, but try and get someone to give you a demo first. Shout if you get stuck!


  2. So glad you had a good time and I'm dying to hear all about it. I, too, have a spinning wheel and have absilutely no idea how to use it - let me know if you find lessons anywhere, won't you?! xx

  3. welcome back hen!

    Another one here eager to read how you got on!

    Leanne x

  4. Welcome back Hen, and it's great to know you had a great time - I knew you would! I'm yet another who can't wait to hear all about it.

    I don't have a spinning wheel and neither do I know how to use it!!

  5. Spinning wheel! Wow.

    Love the photo...put a lump in my throat...I am feeling very homesick for Devon right now...


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