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Spinning wool and a great use for my herb basket!

Now, at the risk of going on... I found a perfect use for the little basket I made. Inspired by Mrs L over at her blog 21st Century Housewife, I sat down and practiced my spinning. 4 hours I sat there! It's the first time I managed to fill the bobbin without giving up, so I was pleased! It's a twisty mess but it doesn't matter because not all of it is! I plan to knit a masterpiece with it, well a rustic, novelty masterpiece!

Having that little basket hanging there is perfect! Just for odds and ends and bits and bobs.

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  1. Very well done that woman! You are now a fellow spinner......:)

    I love the little basket, I need to make one now - I have the materials stashed under the bed LOL It looks great, and your wheel is the same as my first one. Looking forward to seeing more of your spinning, and what you knit with that first wool!



  2. Those pictures look delicously rustic! :) And the perfect little basket, you must have had some kind of sixth sense when you were making it.

  3. Well done on persevering with the spinning! I'm keen to learn too but I'm starting off with a drop spindle - even that scares me a bit though - it came through the post a few days ago and I haven't had the courage to try spinning yet... I keep watching all the spinning demos on You Tube instead!

  4. there are some classic spinning vids on you tube!

    I watched a series by an american lady who was VERY enthusiastic! She was fab!

  5. Love the little basket hanging---that's a good idea.


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