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A brave little donkey.

I've been off visiting my little brother and his family. My niece was in her first school nativity and they went to the local church yesterday to show it off to over a hundred people. She's 4 yrs old and only been in school a few months and she had to lead her classmates up the aisle, by herself, to the stage, dressed as a donkey.

A very brave, little donkey.


  1. hen she looks adorable, james was a donkey in his first nativity play too :o)

  2. Ahhh! So sweet!

    We have just come back from DD's Junior production of Alice in was FAB!

  3. I was a bit unsure about the whole thing, it seems very young for them to be put in such a stressful situation, but I ended up with tears in my eyes and a swell in my chest, I was SO proud of her!


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