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A walk in the woods and a song in my heart

I've just had a long glorious walk in the woods today with my trusty companion Willow dog.

The moon is so beautiful in the light blue sky. This moon brings with it the promise of the coming winter solstice!

It's easy to forget we are actually living on top of a hill. A very windy hill. That's a windmill in the distance to the left of the lumpy tree.


Oak. Wonderful Oak.

The frosty mist was beautifully lit by the afternoon sun.

In this hole a badger sleeps. Away from the likes of Willow and me and our noisy smelly ways.

When I walk through the forest I practice moving silently. Willow doesn't though, so we don't achieve much, but I do it anyway. It helps me to be mindful of every step. I can take in more of my surroundings. Not just the 5 senses, but also the deeper senses that tune you in to the spirit of the forest.

I often sing to myself little songs I make up while I'm in the woods. I recorded today's song on my camera. The audio isn't perfect but I thought I'd share it with you as I've never shared my songs on here before.

Primrose. There is a time beyond winter - there really is!!

These are either snowdrops or winter crocus. I'm betting snowdrop!

So I have had a lovely day even though I have a cold!



  1. You have a lovely voice Hen, thank you for sharing it and your soulful words and pictures. x

  2. That's a wonderful voice hen. Great pics as well.

  3. hen you have a lovely voice, lovely song and gorgeous pictures. hope your cold goes soon. :o)

  4. Your posting was so touching. I really enjoyed it. Not only was your song a joy to listen to but your post inspired my own posting for today.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Hen, such beautiful singing,. Please may we have more.

  6. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing it all.



  7. Nice singing Hen - Made me think of Pooh Bear humming a little hum ;0)

    Sing some more please.


  8. What a wonderful, evocative post. You have a really beautiful voice hen. I agree with Dawn and Bob- we need to hear more!

  9. what an uplifting, wonderful post Hen, thank you!

    leanne x

  10. Thanks everybody, you've made my week! xxx

  11. Well what have I stumbled upon here?

    What a beautiful and interesting blog. I think this is my lucky day.

  12. Late again... but I'd like to add my vote for more Hen songs and audio - it was really nice and fitted so beautifully with the surroundings. You may have tuned down that offer a while ago, but your voice shouldn't go to waste, so keep on singing!

    Hugs. Sarah xx

  13. You have a truly lovely voice...Kathy from the US


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