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Greenpeace - AIRPLOT - A Third Runway Makes no sense

"As expected, the government has given the go-ahead for a third runway at Heathrow airport.  As the effects of climate change begin to be felt around the world, this decision makes about as much sense as a cat flap in an elephant house and leaves Gordon Brown's environmental credentials in tatters.

A new runway is completely unnecessary and will make Heathrow the biggest single emitter of carbon dioxide in the UK. All the concessions the government appears to be offering - such as a high-speed rail link and money for research into 'cleaner' jet engines - are just greenwash. Nothing can make a new runway clean, green or environmental friendly, it's as simple as that."

To find out more about this campaign please click this link... 

I've added my name to the deeds of the land, bought by Greenpeace, that the third runway is planned to be built on.  You can do the same by visiting here...

To understand more about Greenpeace's views on climate change visit here...


  1. Me too, as you know. I'm really fed up about this. I didn't think I was on a flight path here, but apparently so, but the planes are so high up I haven't been aware of them. Nevertheless, on the garden pond there's often a film of avation fuel. I have been told that planes aren't allowed to land with too much fuel left so they will jettison some as they prepare for descent to approach landing. I now fear for the crested newts, quite rare, that have to somehow survive that also on top of all their other problems. I'm fuming now.

  2. Me too, and posted on my blog and again tonight with a link to posting views to No 10.....


    I despair sometime, I really do...and I am normally optimistic

  3. Lizzie I didn't know they did that!!! that's appalling and wrong! I'm so sorry to hear your going to be directly affected by this bloody nightmare. Not surprised your fuming.

    Compostwoman, it was seeing your blog the other day that pointed me in the direction of getting my name on the deeds of their land! Thank you! I've sent the letter off, although I find it really hard to write those letters well.

    I never thought this would actually go through. Ah well. It's not over yet!


  4. Grrrr. I am continually amazed and appalled by the short-sightedness and ignorance of this government concerning environmental matters. It beggars belief!

  5. Hiya, me again. I used to live fairly near B'ham airport, and here in Warwickshire I think the nearest is Coventry airport and also places like Gaydon, little airdromes here abouts. Just in case I gave the impression I was near Heathrow!


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