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Snowy Friday

I got Leo back for attacking Willow with snowballs!

Below is a picture of the Snowdon Horseshoe in North Wales. It was taken a few days ago by my friend. He got stuck at our house on Thursday night because of the weather. I had to share it with you because it is just breathtaking! I used to live in Capel Curig and this was my view as I walked to work everyday in an outdoor shop. Well, when you could see the hills through the clouds!

My friend went back to Snowdonia on Saturday to camp at the bottom of Tryfan for a week and today he climbed Snowdon. Thankfully he texted me to let me know he was down safe just before I got really panicky. He was lucky, 6 others were rescued and one found dead on Snowdon today. I'll be doing a post about mountain safety and camping soon.

Back to the quiet gentleness of the Cotswolds...

We had the most wonderful walks on Thursday and Friday! 7 hours walking in total and it was spectacular!

Oh, but snow is wonderful for the soul.

The Cotswold village we live in is ridiculously charming.

Our garden was fun! The trailer is completely filled with snow!

The church in our village. It contains lots of very interesting gravestones. I deciphered what I though was an ancient gravestone and in fact it said... Entrance to the Crypt! Oh, I so want to explore that!

More pictures of our snowy walk.


  1. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I want to visit you. My eldest would love the graveyard. She's 'into cemeteries' as she says.

  2. These shots are just beautiful. I love the cotswolds and used to live nearby. I am now in Australia where we are experiencing devastating bushfires. We could do with a blanket of snow.

  3. Lovely lovely photos! Nice to see someone enjoying the snow..........



  4. Beautiful pics hen - sounds like a wonderful walk. Snow makes everything look so magical! Your village does look rather lovely too. Oh how I ache to move back out to the countryside! One day I guess... :)

  5. Lovely! That first picture is the BEST! Ha.

  6. such a wonderful world cottonreel

  7. Sarah, if ever your whizzing by, drop me a line! xx

    Jam Sandwich, What a horrific time. I can't imagine. I have a friend in Melbourne who was saying it is hard to breath, even miles from the fires. Stay safe, we're all thinking of you xxx

  8. "ridiculously charming" is an understatement, Hen. Those pictures are absolutely breath taking!

  9. hen i love your pictures, thats proper snow :o) ive also left you an award on my blog

  10. What a fabulous set of photographs hen, the one of Snowdonia is breathtaking, how stunningly beautiful it looks.

  11. What fabulous photos. You had a lot more snow than us and ours has completely gone now, so I can garden again.

  12. Hen the photo of you and leo is just lovely, you look so happy, it really made me smile.

    leanne x

  13. Looks like a magical outing. Your village is so quaint and storybookish. It was fun to see all the snowy pictures, I love your picture of you and Leo in your snow angel pile.... very cute.

  14. What beautiful snow pictures :) I wonder if we'll have any more this winter :)


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