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Door Sausages and Willow goes a bit mad in Snow!

Willow just LOVES the snow!  She's very regal, until she sniffs it...

Then she goes a bit mental and runs about like she's eaten too many bananas!  

These pictures are from yesterday, there was twice as much snow dumped last night, so I'm stuck here again as Leo needs the proper car to get to work!  I might go for a REALLY long walk today and get some photies!

Yesterday I made a door sausage - inspired by Alice from the Creative Living forum.  It's sewn together from some old trouser legs to make a sausage shape.  Then I stitched closed one end and stuffed it with loads and loads of plastic carrier bags.  I added a couple of buttons to close up the other end, so I could change or add to the contents.  

There's no longer a 10 force gale coming under the door now!!!  Hooray for Alice!!


  1. Good idea - we used to have one in the shape of a sausage dog (had ears, eyes, tail), made from carpet underlay by my mother LOL. Tehse "old fashioned"methods are certainly the best, aren't they? Curtains at teh door are good too, we find.

    Dogs and snow - always great!!

  2. what a good idea! Willow looks so cute in the snow. xxx

  3. Ah, sweet Willow.

    Thank you for the door sausage idea! Brilliant.

  4. I love the door sausage idea - I could do with a couple of those here! I was planning to make a curtain for our front door but there's just not enough room either side of the door - all the fabric would bunch up and make it hard to open the door - so perhaps a sausage is the way to go! Perhaps I could even crochet one.... :)

    Love the pics of Willow too - she looks like one happy collie!

  5. One happy dog that enjoys life to the full. Hopefully Scotland bound soon.

  6. It's beginning to look a little like Canada over there!

    My dog Lindsay loves the snow as well!

  7. Willow is such a cute little dog! How is she with children?

  8. Hi Hen...looks like you had great deal more snow than us on the east coast...we felt cheated!
    On another reading your camping adventures...i'm going to walk the 180 miles of Offa's Dyke in the spring and intend to camp rather than b&b you have a diffinitive list for what to take and what not to take...would be interested to read your ideas..keep waarrm x

  9. hen, looks like willow had a fab time in the snow :o), maggee saw it once before she went and she loved it LOL tots went ballistic this year too, tried eating it, and looking for the snowball we'd thrown at her, then running in and out like a looney tune LOL

  10. Hi Clay, I don't trust any dogs with children, so I'm a bit paranoid. Willow loves them as long as they have a ball to play with, otherwise she gets grumpy and comes and gets me to make them go away!! xxx

    Sarah I've got a list somewhere... I've also got some lightweight camping food recipes too that I'll dig out. Offas dyke is a walk I've wanted to do for years, it's great your going!! Can't wait to read about your adventures and see photies!!

    Nita, I bet Maggee went mad in the snow!! I'm sure she's loving it now too. It must be weirder for Tots as she's so small!! :o)



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