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Meetings - bloggers are real people - shock!

On Monday there was an encounter.   
An encounter of a powerful kind that happens very rarely in life.
I have had my blog for almost a year.  In that time I have been sceptical about it and thought it a bit weird.  However, I now understand the social aspect of it and that it is a priceless way to connect with people of like mind in a world where we are often bemused with life and can be so isolated.  
I have connected with some incredible people over the year.

So, three of us bloggers met up on Monday -  the fabulous glass artist and thinker of many gentle things; liZZie from My Generic Medium and the incredible needle-felt queen and inspirational toy artist; Gretel from Middle of Nowhere. (actually Gretel isn't quite in the middle of nowhere, she's just in the other direction to the one I took on the way to visit her. that's all).

It was a wonderful day, an insightful day, a day of 'bloody hells!' and other exclamations.  We explored a woodland that was simply beautiful.  An ancient place full of wild flowers and things for scoffing (which I have a penchant for!).  We sat in a welcoming home surrounded by interesting things and dozing, forgetful cats. 

We shared.  

The day was so full of the exploration and adventures of each others lives that I didn't manage to photograph much.  That's a wonderful thing and is a sign of a great day out.

I did manage to take a picture and here it is... 
... many of you might not be able to see what this picture has secreted away in it, but we know it's there.  :)  It was a perfect ending to our walk.  

This is a beautiful piece of glass work given as a gift to two of us.  It came in a little party bag full of other goodies and a strolling carrot.  Thank you!!!!

I'm probably not allowed to have this picture on my blog so it might disappear soon!  It is part of the day we had though, so here it is, for a bit.  Thank you too!!!!!

Thanks you two for being honest and real and open.  You are rare things in this world.  See you both very, very soon.  :)

Below is some pictures taken by liZZie  (over at my generic medium) of a basket I made for her cats...

Thanks for the photies Liz!!!!!

warm hugs and much love,


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  2. Ha, I think I managed to get the something in the picture...must update my blog today.
    It was lovely and lovely to have you both over, and do keep the piccy of the book up :) Lizzie's basket looks perfect with the toys in. I have remembered another old basket in the attic which will be in need of your tlc one day. x

  3. What a great idea to meet up, that's what I love about the net, meeting up with folks that normally you just wouldn't have come into contact with

  4. How lovely and how brave! I'm very shy in 'real life' so I'm really impressed with your meeting up! Glad you had a lovely time.

  5. You know, I think I should have coaxed my daughter's hampster 'Aubrey Hornblower' into the cat's toys basket for those pics!

    It troubles me if I ponder we three may never have met were it not for blogging.

  6. How lovely that you all had the chance to get together! I love that the internet has given people a new medium to find like minded people. I would love to do that some day, but I follow a lot of people from overseas, thats a little bit of a commute! I hope you all have many more beautiful get togethers!

  7. that is so wonderful to be able to meet other bloggers. I've had my experience last year too when we had a summit and I had such a blast. Am looking forward for this year's summit. You all have pretty things to exchange with each other. What an enriching experience.

  8. The internet is a great way to meet people that have similar views, interests, lifestyles. This is especially true when you are not 'the norm', when you feel very different from those around you. Realising you're not alone is a weight off the shoulders isn't it :)

    Liking the cat basket, very cosy, do you do a human size one? ;)

  9. Hi Hen - love your blog and what you do. It's extraordinary to meet those airways friends isn't it?
    Keep in touch

  10. It sounds as though the three of you had a lovely day togather. It's rare to meet other people with the same take on life especially when you have interests that are different to the majority.


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