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Willow's made a nest!


I didn't have much sleep last night but after I had slept I came downstairs to this!  It looked so comfy that after I took the picture I curled up around her and we both continued our nap.  It was lovely when we woke up as we cuddled and groomed.  Soo lovely.  It's very rare that willow and I are this squishy as she's a very business orientated working dog.  So I really make the most of these beautiful moments.


p.s.  she's not normally allowed to do this sort of thing and my sofa is normally much tidier than this - honest!!


  1. Awww, she's lovely and I can't think of anything nicer than snuggling up together for a nap. Even business-like collies need a cuddle sometimes!

  2. AWW bless her! I've been admiring your baskets again Hen, they are beautiful, you so clever. I love the one you made Kim. xxx

  3. MMMM! looks a bit like my sofa after Tilly has been on it...

  4. Hen, I saw that you commented on Ox Herding - a lovely comment - and will respond later on that site. But for now I wanted to tell you that you've got a wonderful blog and I've sent the URL off to my daughter and some friends.

    Our kitties also cuddle up in various spots around the house and they particularly appreciate being wrapped up in blankets. What a sweet life....


  5. excellent blog....thanks for looking
    at mine and showing support.

    I bow.


  6. Dogs, like cats, know just how to make themselves comfortable don't they?

  7. What a lovely moment with your dear friend. That looks like a perfect little nest to share with each other.


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