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Basket Giveaway Update! A Hurricane hits our House, in the form of little people.

It looks like the Giveaway winner will be picked in the next few days.  The bud on this Oak twiglet is definitely on it's way to properly bursting!  YippeeeeEEEEEeeee!!!!  

If you still haven't entered please visit the BASKET GIVEAWAY POST and leave your comment about the one thing in nature that makes you smile!

On Good Friday I had a visit from my little brother, his wife and their two amazing little beans.  Here is a snippet of what the weekend was like... mostly...

Willow is, of course, the only being in the house that matters to my niece and nephew.  They ADORE her.  It gives me palpitations though.  No matter how hard I try and train the children and the dog there is always a moment where it's all a bit too loud and hectic.  It's hard to get across to everybody that the children and Willow must NEVER be alone together EVER.  It doesn't matter how lovely Willow is.  

Willow does have her limits and she will just walk away after looking at me and checking.  However, before I could do it, Willow told off my niece for hugging her too tightly.  Just a whip round of the head, but enough to shock my niece into coming over to me very quickly for a hug.  As I said... Palpitation's.

I love that little dejected look on my nephews face.  He spent the whole time following Willow around and wanted to be next to her all the time.  Willow was having none of it!

Exhausting.  At this stage I was about to join Willow for a nap.  This photo was taken 15mins after they had left.  :) 

This isn't just a picture of a bin, well, ok, it is.   It's actually my interim willow soaker until I get a large enough sheet of plastic to convert my trailer into one.

I managed to make a basket with my dodgy willow but refuse to give it to anybody because the willow is just not right.

Would you look at this pendant Leo made for a commission.  I LOVE it!!  I know it was a bit tricky to make, but I really think it was worth it!  I love it when he makes something but hate it when it's not for me!

copyright Leo Singleton


  1. I echo Gretel - a saint you are!

    Leo's pendant is absolutely gorgeous ... off to look at his site ... ;-)

  2. "I started in baskets last year"


    Yes, that was my jaw dropping. Only LAST year???!! Wow!

    You're amazing! :)

    I love your much better use of a wheelie bin. I want to convert ours to a rainwatertank since it only ever gets a little bag of rubbish every week which we could pop into a town bin instead.

  3. PS Leo's pendant is gorgeous... :)

  4. That is such a lovely photo of your little nephew - in my house it's the opposite way round - my older granddaughter and grandson are the ones backing off and B Baggins is the enthusiastic one! We have the same rule though, children and dog are never ever left alone together.
    The pendant that Leo made is beautiful.

  5. Ha! I can empathize about how exhausting little people can be! :) Glad you had a lovely (if tiring) time. Leo's pendant is beautiful - I can see how you'd be miffed it has to go to someone else! Your basket is also rather lovely - it has a very graceful shape - shame you're not happy with the willow but I know what you mean about wanting to have things just so.... Good that you've found a wildlife-free place to soak your willow in the interim though!

  6. That is a beautiful pendant. Maybe Leo will make a surprise one for you!
    Willow is a beautiful dog and you can't blame the children for following her, but I guess her patience (like humans) is finite and there comes a time when she needs a break. Bless her, she's just the dog I'd love to have (sigh!).

    Kim x

  7. There is so much creativity going on in and around your house Hen. All very beautiful!

    I have noticed there are hurricanes and tornadoes in every direction we look. I guess we can learn to side step them and view them from the distance, we can learn to step into the eye of the storm and watch the rest of the world spin around us, or we can join in on the ride and see where it takes us.

    Happy days everyday.

  8. PG and Gail; Saint?! You're kidding! I scared my niece with stories of Fairy monsters that sneak up on you when your not looking and tickle the back of your neck with their feathery teeth. Really freaked her out!

    Mara; :) I love making baskets! A rainwater tank is a great idea for a wheelie bin. Would be relatively easy to do too.

    Rowan; I'd be a bit happier if the children backed off willow a bit. You're lucky there!

    Rebecca; I know you know about little people!! :) I can't imagine your gorgeous little bean being anything but cute while quietly making something, sat nicely, at a table!

    I don't know about that shape. I always test my baskets before I send them off to people and this one would easily fall over if I put my secateurs in it. To do with the top being too wide for the base. I can't be doing with that!!

    Kim, Leo has already made me the most perfect pendant in the universe! I'm just being really greedy! I've already given him the design for my surprise bracelet!! ; )

    Why don't you have a dog Kim? I know you have plenty of animals and children to care for, but....

    Bernie, All this creativity needs to be caught in my big net-on-a-stick, given a tag with a number of priority on and then set free again in an orderly fashion. Hurrumph. I s'pose it wouldn't be creativity then though would it. ; )

    I see hurricanes and tornados in every direction. I used to ride them, but recently i've noticed I'm in and out of the eye. Often being subjected to the worst of the winds and the most peaceful moments. Is that growing up?

    Thanks everybody :)


  9. I think when we are conscious enough to realize we are entering a storm or have the potential to be swept up by a storm, then we are definitely growing up.

    Kids can be quite the storm, seemingly throwing up dust in our faces. I hope that there will be a smile on your and Willow's face when the winds from these little one's picks up.

    Little Fairy Monsters :) and feathery teeth. :) There is a poem in there.

  10. "I can't imagine your gorgeous little bean being anything but cute while quietly making something, sat nicely, at a table!"

    Ha! If only! She's a very inquisitive little thing and loves to be part of whatever I'm doing (be it cooking, cleaning or even going to the loo!) She stoutly refuses to entertain herself. It can be exhausting at times but I'm pleased she's so interested in the world and wouldn't have it any other way....


  11. Hen, that pendant is very beautiful, leo should be proud of his talent. the same for you, with your baskets- you were made to make baskets i think, and it wouldnt surprise me if you had made them in another life- i think its as natural to you as breathing!!

    Blessings leanne x

  12. How lovely that you got to visit with family! I understand what you mean about the little ones and Willow. It sounds like everyone survived the weekend though!

    Leo's pendant is so beautiful! It is a very simple, elegant, lovely symbol.


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