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The Exmoor 6000 Native Trees Project!

Above is a part of where we'll be planting almost 6000 native trees! Its in the regeneration area of our land and covers about 2.5 hectares.

So yet again I've been absent on the blogosphere for a while! It's a great reason this time! Honest!

I was successful in getting a Forestry Commission Grant as part of the Woodland Creation Grant Scheme! It means that over an area of 4 hectares we'll be planting 6000 native trees. 6000!! Including Sessile Oak, Ash, Hazel, Hawthorn and many others! The Woodland Trusts MOREwoods team are also supporting the project.

My hope is to enable as many people who want to take part to come and help. If you don't feel like you can physically help then your support will be invaluable in other ways.. kind messages of support, the benefit of your ideas & experience & spreading the word!

I've created a new website to document the project and to inform anyone who is interested of how they can do what we are doing -

There's also a Facebook Fan Page to keep you supersonically up to date & interactive (!)

Yip yip!!!!

Warmest hugs as always,


  1. This is absolutely wonderful, and count Patty & I in for doing some digging (Patty) and planting. I am so happy about this, so well done to all of you for doing this.

  2. An excellent project the more trees we have the cleaner the air and a great betterment for the environment!

  3. Hi Hen, Great news, the more trees planted the better, I'll be following the new website with interest.


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