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Black Indian Runner Ducklings First Adventures!

Meet the ducklings! They are about 2wks old & have temporary names: Duckling Small & Duckling Big.

I'm typing one handed as they're both asleep on the other one... CUTE! I wont type much as a result & typos will be worse than usual! :)

The ducklings were hatched in an incubator by the gorgeous South Yeo Farm in mid Devon. Here's their website:  Well worth a look!

They settled in really quickly, falling asleep on me within the 1st hour! Next day I made them a temporary run. As I was making it they met Beauty, one of my ex-battery hens. She was non-plussed really but very keen to show off her new feathers - check those babies out! Hot chick!

I filled a little tub with water for the ducklings & over the next 30 mins gradually persuaded them to jump in.  Which they did with abandon! They went hyperduck!

This video makes me giggle, especially when Duckling Small wibbles & falls over!

We went on a very small adventure through the grass. Oooh they loved it! Can't wait till they're old enough to be running around themselves exploring & scoffing slugs!

So... Duckling Small and Duckling Big are the new additions to our family. I have no idea what sex they are yet. If they're both male, well... I'll just have to get some more! ;)

hen xx


  1. They are just possibly the cutest things I have ever seen! I absolutely LOVE your blog x

  2. Awww totally gorgeous, I love Indian runners.
    Yvonne x

  3. Just ... beautiful, I havn't seen Indian Runners before.We tend to get your bog standard 'park ducks' around here (which is not to suggest that they are not beautiful of course, because of course they are). I've heard that ducks will home in on any watered area, however small - I used to live in Liverpool in a really run down area and will always remember walking up towards Lodge Lane past some wasteland where only the remaining foundations of what had once been a primary school could be seen , and there in a structural dip that was no bigger than your average kitchen sink (and contained merely a puddle of rainfall)were swimming Mr & Mrs Duck, quite happily ! It makes me smile now when I think of it. Here's wishing your beautiful ducks a very happy life : )A Gorgeous Post - in fact, a Gorgeous blog all round ! I shall be back : )

    (I'm not really anonymous, but comment form keeps rejecting my details ! I am: In a Welsh Garden (
    : )

  4. I love them, have several Indian Runners myself, and I just love the way they run, looks like they have their hands behind their backs. Like you I did not know what sex they were, so when I found out most were Male I just went and got some Females, they are such fun and the egg's are wonderful. Good luck and if you need any advise, here I am. Love Tina

  5. Aww Hen, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. It's a wonder you could understand my last comment, with all of the typos!
    These ducks are so, so cute. I've just read a piece in Permaculture magazine too, on keeping ducks, thing is I'm useless at constructing anything. So making a duck home seems beyond me. Where do you keep yours may I ask?
    Again your blog is one of the more inspiring ones I've seen, and so good to come across one so well immersed in the dharma too.

    John x

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  7. Hi I wonder if anyone can help me??? I have 2 indian runner ducks, both were attacked as they hatched, they came to us at 4 days old. They are 6 months old now. One is fine, though did have a large scar till her feathers came in. The other, has a real problem, she falls over all the time, has done so ever since we got her. I think she may have brain damage due to being attacked as she hatched. She has very bad ballance, though she can walk around and runs a bit, she has a real problem grooming herself. And she stumbles every time she tries to groom her lower end (front and back). She even falls flat on her back, where she is stuck (like an upturned turtle) with her legs up in the air, till we spot her and come to the rescue. She is happy enough otherwise, and loves to swim. But I would really like to be able to help her solve this problem. I worry that we will be out and she will be on her back for a long time, she does get stressed when it happens, I worry that it will harm her. thanks vina


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