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Tracking Red Deer in the Snow

You can click on the pictures to see them in slightly better quality & bigger size :)

Red Deer track, oak leaf for scale

Two of the six Red Deer beds

Red Deer - Stag poo

Red Deer bed, with poo.

Willow in Red deer bed, modelling for scale

Just a lovely view up on the ridge, where the wild things are... and Willow.

Looking up the old track, full of animal sign!

Fox track

Little bird track between Red Deer tracks

A still place.

Looking up the track to the ancient hedge Beeches

Dead Oak, a feeding station & home to many things

Over grown, banked Beech hedge.

hen xx


  1. That is a lovely batch of photos. Thanks for sharing them.
    Willow looks so small compared to the deer beds.
    If the deer are pooing so much, they must still be getting food, even in this freeze!!
    Love the fox tracks. I watched some being made this morning at around 4am, was lovely to watch our 5 playing in the snow.xx

  2. Nothing like snow to highlight animal tracks.

  3. Hen, in the second picture "Two of the six Red Deer beds", were you facing east?

  4. Thanks CLaire! When you going to set a live web feed from your foxcam?!?! ;)

    Hiya Lene :) You're so right! I'm going to miss them when it thaws!

    Norseman... you have me intrigued! Before I answer... why?



  5. Hen,
    Well the trees in the photo are all leaning to the right. You being in the northern hemisphere would lead me to believe that the trees are leaning towards the portion of the sky with the most sunlight (i.e. south). I also assume that your predominant winter winds are from the northwest, but that's purely conjecture.

    How'd I do?


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