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Our Forests meets in London – 12th July 2011

"Say Trees!"
From left to right: Rich Daniels, Gabriel Hemery, Tony juniper, Hen, Jonathon Porrit, Rod Leslie, Robin Maynard.

On Wednesday I travelled to London to meet with the Our Forests group for the first time. WHAT a meeting!

If I’m honest, I was a bit daunted by attending a meeting with men I’d been inspired by for so many years. These guys have, and continue to work tirelessly to lower our impact on our World and make our lives more sustainable by working with people, campaigns, business, NGO’s, governments & the media. Their achievements are many and I recommend you hopping on to a search engine and having a nosey at each of their stories!

After lots of hellos and hugs I realised that I had nothing to be worried about. They were all encouraging, engaging and inspiring. For which I’ll be eternally grateful, as I felt heard by each of them when I relayed the feelings of all the people who had given me their messages to take to the group.

The main aim of this meeting was to assess the impact of Our Forests (OF) and pin down our next actions. I let them know that a lot of you were not really sure what the impact had been and wanted to see more ‘meat on the bones’, I was also able to feed back that being a member of OF had really helped in my work with Save Our Woods by raising our profile and giving that last little shove to people I’ve been poking for a while into action!

I’m sure you’ll understand that I can’t go into great detail here about what we agreed our next steps would be but suffice to say, the gloves are off!

Co-founder of

Copied from the Save Our Woods website :)

hen xx

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