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New rare breed sheep! Castlemilk Moorit

Yesterday saw the arrival of our new rare breed Castlemilk Moorit sheep. They're truly outstanding animals! Long legged and agile, with incredible fleece and big for a primitive breed. Everything I could ever want in a sheep!

I got them from the Vellow flock in Somerset, a gorgeous farm run by two very compassionate farmers called Otto and Susan. They kindly helped us get the girls back here and it was lovely to see Otto and Susan happy at the sight of the girls settling in straight away in their new home.

I love everything about these sheep. They're a genetic mix of a Manx Loaghtan, moorit Shetland and the wild Mouflon sheep and are currently on the Rare Breed Survival Trust's 'endangered' list

The fleece of these sheep are 'highly prized' by hand spinners and that will be my main focus in breeding. I saw a gorgeous throw recently which had an alternating weave of Castlemilk Moorit and Shetland... 

The girls are currently lounging in a paddock we've created as a quarantine area for new arrivals. The paddock is small enough for me to spend time getting to know the girls too and as they don't like being rounded up I'll be training them to the sound of the yellow bucket. Otto has recommended splatted maize and sugar beet mix to get their juices going!

Now I'll be trawling the Rare Breed Survival Trust's flock book to find a good tup for rent this Nov/Dec. CAN'T WAIT!! 

hen xx


  1. Stunning sheep - almost deer like, so most appropriate for your farm. Hope to see them some time :)

    1. They're truly stunning! You're right about them being deer like. The fangs on the lower jaw look just like a roe deer!

      You and Paula should come visit next time you're oot and aboot!


  2. They're gorgeous! Forgive my lack of sheepery but are they the same as the ones at Avebury? People thought they were goats. :)
    Jess xx

    1. Ooh, I dunno! Have you got any photies of them?
      You've reminded me just how long it's been since I've been to Avebury *sigh* I LOVE it there. Those beech trees... you know the one's with their roots entwined and exposed... oh I miss them I do!

  3. They're good looking sheep. Love the colouring! Please put up some pics of anything you knit or make out of their wool!

    I saw Mouflon in Corsica & they say that they have the curved horns so that when they roll down the hill they land back on their feet! (just a bit of useless information for you!)

    1. Will do! Although I will have to polish up on my skills before utterly destroying the wool!

      made me laugh about the Mouflon's! I so wish it to be true! :-D

  4. Hen!

    It has been ages since I have been to your blog! What a treat to come back and see what you have been up to.

    These are truly handsome sheep, and I too look forward to hearing what beautiful things their wool creates. It sounds like you have a beautiful homestead going with such wonderful creatures (domestic and wild!).

    I look forward to reading more of your recent adventures!

    Stacey (dowhatyoulove)

  5. Hen!

    It has been ages since I visited your blog! And what a treat to come and see all that you have been up to.

    These are very handsome sheep, and I too look forward to seeing what is created from their wool! It sounds like you have a beautiful homestead going with many beautiful creatures (domestic and wild!).

    As always, you look as though you are truly enjoying the beauty in each moment of life!

    Stacey (dowhatyoulove)

  6. Great to see more CMM's about, they look superb. We've a flock of 40 odd up here in on our Cumbrian hill farm. They are truly great sheep and thrive up here on the fells. It's great to see you developing a flock, best of luck. You wont be disappointed I'm sure. Keep up the good work...

    Stephen Lainson

  7. beautiful sheep. I am a Shetlander and have 7 Shetlands, a Cheviot and 6 rare breed Soay sheep. The Soays are SO beautiful. All my sheep are trained to the bucket now. It's great. They also know as soon as I open the front door!! They begin to baa for their ewe nuts! I just love spending time with them. I'm going to enjoy keeping up with your blog. Please feel free to go over to mine at
    That link should work. if not just type ayarnoverneedlesblog into google and it should come up at the top of the page. I'm a little behind as I've been ill but I think you'll find something of interest there.
    Take care and keep writing!
    Shetland Isles


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