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Christmas tree! Yule yule yule!

It's been raining horribly today so I've spent some time keeping dry and making our christmas tree! It's a simple affair, a bunch of steamed willow with some ivy I foraged yesterday and favourite christmas decorations I've collected over the years from charity shops or made by friends. 

Soo.. I started by getting an old stick of yew and trapping it in a basket with some heavy stones. I made a willow ring to help the whips flow out at the bottom.

Then I bunched a good wodge of steamed willow withies together and tied them at the top to the yew stick. It's then a bit of a fiddle, requiring lots of patience, to get the base of the rods to be at a reasonably similar height from the floor, by pulling the tips up or pushing the ends up.

I've now covered the trees in bits n bobs and surrounded it with the beeeyutiful christmas baubles I found in a charity shop years ago. On the tree is a couple of needle felted holly leaves with berries that I   made a while ago, a gorgeous copper bird made by the beautiful Jackie Stewart and a long string of gold paper stars I bought from Amnesty International yonks ago. The glowing pagan star at the top of the tree my Mum bought me and has a candle in (elf n safety..), and obviously most importantly of all there's the fairy on the top left of the picture. I made her about 12 years ago now and it's the best of days when she makes her appearance!


hen xx

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