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Spring sunshine, willow quiver, apple wood spoons and woollen smocks. Say what you see!

It's seemed like it's been raining everyday for a year now.. I think probably because it pretty much has. So, when the sun shines it feels like I've had a weight lifted and can lift my head again to get stuck in to those things that aren't just about keeping us and the livestock healthy! Some weaving and a carving :)

The first thing I've woven in over a year is this quiver. I didn't soak enough rods (it's steamed and white willow), so it's a few inches shorter than I planned it. Just sourcing some leather to make a strap for it. I don't like to strap my quivers to my back, instead I like it hung on my hip. Sometimes though it's good to sling it over your shoulder with your bow as you bimble about, so I'm thinking a nice adjustable longish leather strap, about an inch wide, will do the job. 
Anyone know of any british sourced leather suppliers let me know!

I carved another cooking spoon from apple wood. Loved making this one as the wood was so buttery and forgiving. The knot is the shape of a heart too, shhush, it is!

I came home the other day from some exciting meetings in London for Save Our Woods to find a couple of amazing handcrafted, woollen SMOCKS! TeeBee Bespoke has made me this one above for mucky working in. It's of a light wool, with a long tail and a hood. It's also got long cuffs which suits me as I don't wear gloves, so I can drop the cuffs to warm me up when I need to. I'm now, never out of a smock!

This smock (for clean!) is of a thicker wool.  Because TeeBee's made these smocks to fit it's one of the best bits of kit I've got. It's windproof, non-restrictive, isn't baggy or tight in the places a lady often finds outdoor kit doesn't fit (mainly because it's designed either for men or for tiny wee wimmin!) and because it's 100% wool wont make you cold if it gets wet.

TeeBee beautifully embroidered the Save Our Woods logo on the arm of my 'for clean' smock.

She also embroidered this GORGEOUS hen! Look at the detail! 

Thank you TeeBee!


Here's Tee Bee's email address if you want to have a chat with her about fitting you a smock. She will be able to sort you out with what ever style you want too. The original smock design was created by Sean Mullhall and TeeBee, with loads of attention to detail:


  1. Those are fantastic, I've sent an email and, hopefully, will be the proud owner of my own soon.

  2. That's great news!! Let me know how you get on with it!

    I'm cosy in my embroidered one at the moo :-D

  3. Wonderful stuff Hen!
    Do you know of Bakers - the last oak bark tannery in the land? - it's a wonderful place, down here in Devon. Definitely worth a visit! Tom's got some fantastic leather from there.

    1. Thanks Rima :) I'll get in touch with them!



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