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A quick catch up.. broody hens and springtime in the woods

 Here's my gang of broody Cuckoo Marans hens and the tiny wee lavender bantam Heidi. It's all very serious but I haven't got enough eggs for them to sit on yet so I'm having to chuck them out of their nests a few times a day... kindly of course.

Here is an angry broody...

Just had to share this close up of the really titchy tiny Heidi...

That's all I've got to say right now. Life's crazier at the moment than I've ever experienced in my ENTIRE life. Up and down and chaotic but headed in the right direction! Oh, I nearly forgot.. here's a few photo's of Spring in the woods :)

For the past two yrs there's been only one Wood Anemone growing under some of our oldest Ash hedge trees. This year there was FOUR flowering stems!

Badger badger badger! [please note: this isn't at Stock Wood...]

Moschatel... one of my all time favourite woodland flowers.

hen xx

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  1. Love the mad head on that broody hen!


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