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Blissful summer days.. & we've converted a horse trailer to a bathroom!

View from our bath

This summer we have had the utter joy of having a bathroom! It's luxury and I can't believe we've done without one for so long.
We got our horse trailer and bath from Ebay, the water (immersion tank) is Leo's mum's old one, complete with lagging and Leo made the woodburner from an old & large 47kilo gas bottle. Very satisfying.. Leo will be writing up how he made the woodburner soon hopefully!

We've not got round to decorating yet.. too busy having baths!

It takes under 2 hours to heat up the water, which is about 120ltrs and one burner load of wood. We use the water for bathing, laundry and washing up. I can't quite express how much better it makes us feel, psychologically it's like a weight's been lifted.

Toilet Tit

This wee fledgling and her buddy live in our compost loo every night. The first I noticed her was when she made a deposit on my foot while I was making my own, erm, deposit...


Dear friends, I'd like you to meet the new love of my life, Dora. She is a Dutch Bantam chicken who was rescued, covered in blood, underweight and weak, by my pal Luisa. Dora has an horrific injury on the back of her neck, as you can see below...
Dora's injury is healing very well

I don't know what it is about chickens but their spirit and their innocent adventuring always melts my heart, that and the fact it ony takes a few gentle strokes, purring sounds and some apple to get them to trust the big smelly oafs that us humans are.

Dora and her new best friends, Bubbles (in front) and Heidi (in back)

I could cry with joy at the sight of this. Dora and her new perch pals off out exploring, adventuring and bringing destruction to many red soldier beetles in the meadow.

My office
 Above is my makeshift office (bizarrely minus a stool in this picture!). I'm so lucky I can sit outside to work, I do a lot of office based stuff for the Save Our Woods campaign that would drive me batty if I had to sit in the yurt to do. Phew :)

A male Golden ringed dragonfly resting on a hazel

Our river meadow, coppice and woodland edge is a magical place to be at the moment. Full of butterflies, roe and red deer, dragonflies, adders, passing otters, too many species of bird for me to list here and lots and lots of wildflowers...

Silverwashed fritillary

Leo and I went butterfly hunting the other day and spent an hour or so surrounded by crazy Silverwashed fritillary's. They've done so well this year, much better than our Small pearl bordered fritillary's. I still find it exciting to watch the Silverwashed fritillary's in flight, they fly so strongly and of course are very territorial so everynow and again you get a brilliant fight kick off!

Silverwashed fritillary feeding on bramble

Something I hadn't noticed before I saw these photos was the raised strip on each wing. If you look at the first picture of the fritillary above you can see that there is what looks like a lighter coloured short strip on each wing, in the photo above you can see that those strips are raised. Wonder if that's aeronautical design?! Anyone know?

Thank you to the lovely Ceri for introducing me to the world of the hammock and snorkeling. The hammock forces me to relax and snorkeling, well, what can I say about snorkeling? It's other wordly and a magical experience. Here's a youtube video from a couple of random strangers that are snorkeling where Ceri took me snorkeling... blissful!

hen xx

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  1. Lovely bantam Dora! How did she come by her injury? Bullying by other chooks? She has lovely colours and markings. She is also very lucky to have got a home with you!
    Love the bathroom, i miss having a bath, only have a shower here.
    Do you have 'open days' on your land? It looks like a magical place!

    Don't get all wrinkly from staying in the bath too long!

    Sandie xxx


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