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Spring, yes it is!!

This is Toothwort. It's a perennial that is parasitic on the roots of woody shrubs (mostly Hazel). It's a bit weird, but very beautiful.

This is Early Purple Orchid. It'll have a tall spike of 'orchidy' purple flowers soon, well, if the deer stop munching them.

This is a cramp ball or King Alfreds Cakes they grow on Ash trees. They are around all year but this one was looking really tortoiseee and I couldn't resist it!

When they are mature they go dry, black and when you break them open the inside looks like a piece of charcoal. When they are like this I collect them, break one open and use it to catch a spark from a flint and steel. It holds the spark for ages and I then put some tinder on it give it a blow and start a fire. It's possibly one of the best things ever!!

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  1. hi, I've just discovered your wonderful blog from your CL link. How lucky you are to have your own woodland. the early purple orchids are bloomed here already.


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