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The Woolly Shepherd

Val Grainger is a smallholder and shepherdess from Somerset. She uses permaculture principles on her holding which is really exciting! Here is a link to her website and her blog.

I bought the wool in the picture from her website and it is just gorgeous, made from her own herds fleece and beautifully hand dyed. I'll try and do it justice, but since I've only ever knitted a horny head bag who knows what'll knit off the end of my needle!


  1. What luscious wool. I have just learned (after MANY years) to crochet. I hope you have as much fun knitting such gorgeous wool as I have in the last 10 days crocheting.

  2. Hello Jennie!

    It really is lovely wool. I've just bought a bit more, a turquoise colour and a natural brown wool. I also bought a peg loom too. I can't wait to get that!

    What is crochet?? I know thats a daft question, but how is it different to knitting?


  3. that wool looks good! really thick and cosy!

    if you look on CL forum theres a crochet masterclass!

    Leanne x


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