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Real, healthy, mineralised food

My lovely Leo and I are buying a stunning 44 acres of land in Devon with his dad and my best friend Elliott snot. The plan is to sensitively conserve the land while at the same time grow food. Real food. Food that has had the benefit of getting access to minerals - which, shockingly, have been depleted over time by poor farming practices (I'm talking in general here, not about the land we're buying!). Although I will say now that I don't hold farmers to blame for any of this. They followed the advice of scientific research, actively promoted by the government. Probably.

I've come across research into Rockdust. I first came across Rockdust via the SEER Centre. You add the Rockdust as a top dressing and here is a list from that shows the benefits...

Benefits of Remineralization

  • Provides slow, natural release of elements and trace minerals.
  • Increases the nutrient intake of plants.
  • Increases yields and gives higher brix reading.
  • Rebalances soil pH.
  • Increases the growth of microorganisms and earthworm activity.
  • Builds humus complex.
  • Prevents soil erosion.
  • Increases the storage capacity of the soil.
  • Increases resistance to insects, disease, frost, and drought.
  • Produces more nutritious crops.
  • Enhances flavor in crops.
  • Decreases dependence on fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

It seems logical to me. So we'll look into it more and see if it could be of benefit to us.

An excellent blog about Real food can be found here... grahamsgrassroots.blogspot

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