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Fleece arrived and I have a squishdog!

Bought some lovely fleece from Ebay so I can get started on my peg loom. Going to make a rug or something??! I bought that copper bowl yesterday from the Red Cross shop and I love it! Not as much as Willow loves that fleece though!

Yes, this is a Border Collie, a breed famous for their hard work in all weathers up the highest mountains in the country. I made up this bed, went to make a cuppa came back and found this! She's so soft! tut, tut.


  1. As someone who owns a collie cross (she's got all the brains and cuteness, but isn't quite as nimble), that picture made me laugh out loud. She is immensely cute. And about as rufty-tufty as my own specimen who thinks her day is ruined if she can't get the spot between me and my significant other when we watch telly of an evening.

  2. What a great photo:) She looks like a very comfy dog.


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