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Peg Loom and gorgeous wool!!

Would you just look at the colour of that wool! I got the wool and the peg loom from The Woolly Shepherd.

The Woolly Shepherd dyed the wool herself (she grew the wool herself too!) and I think it as absolutely stunning.

I asked for that colour so I could make something for a very special friend of mine who might as well be this colour it reminds me of her so much! Yip, that's you spanglelickbumleakspiderchicken!


  1. hehehe What a name! But oh what wool. I love turquoisy-blues. Fab! Can't wait to see what you make...

  2. can we have pics-stage by stage- of the loom in use please? the wool is gorgeous, by the way!

    Leanne x

  3. I think I'll just make her a scarf with the peg loom as it'll be my first time! Good idea taking pics though Leanne, will do!


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