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Buying Land and Renting a House

Over the past few years we struggled to decide what our money would be best spent on. A house or some land. We decided to buy a house, the sensible thing to do.

Well, we tried and tried but couldn't find anything that even remotely gave us a chance at a good way of life or a good standard of living (and I don't mean anything fancy!). Then of course the houses soared in price, pushing us pretty much out of the market anyway.

The way we live is not something I can compromise on. After all, it might turn out that we only have one life, so I have a responsibility to make the best of it.

We couldn't bring ourselves to take out a mortgage. That would mean us both working in full on, proper jobs to pay for it. What would that get us? Well, I'm sure you know, not much these days.

So, we bought land instead and decided to rent a house. This meant that we could live in an area we could never afford to live in and our compromise was that we had to accept that we would be paying for that privilege. I've never been big on houses anyway!

I think we have made a good choice. Now we get to start our farm without having to wait to climb up a property ladder. That is good!



  1. Now you just need to build a house on your land! Isn't that the ultimate goal?

    A friend of mine is looking at some land nearby and they'll be building a small home on it. I'm very happy to be able to help out. Maybe cordwood will work best thanks to all the small trees on the property.

    Wish we were nearby to offer a helping hand as well... Folks often need to stick together some to get by.

  2. That sounds wonderful! Cordwood homes are beautiful!! A gorgeous roundhouse was built in that way over here,
    unfortunately the council is trying to pull it down as they didn't have permission to build it. Makes no sense to me!

    Would be a dream come true if I could build my own home on our land! One day, maybe!!


  3. Hi Hen - first - thank you for mentioning me in your 'misc' blogs, I don't think I deserve it, but thanks. Just calling in to say I wish I'd had your wisdom when I was younger. I've ancestors from Braunton and as a child spent summers and other holidays on and around Exmoor. I'll be there again one day for sure. Looking forward to watching you develop your land and dreams.

  4. Lizzie I love your blog! It wouldn't be on the list if I didn't!! Especially your interests that you have down the right hand side. We're into similar things. The Floyd being just one example!! :)

    You even have the Metta Bhavana meditation on your blog. I practice that almost every day.

    Your Buddha is beautiful too.

    As for having wisdom, well, it's more fear of regret that kicked my bum into action!

    So, there!



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