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An Award!

I've just had this lovely prize thingy from Kim over at Oakmoon. Thank you Kim, I'm beaming all over the place! SqueeeEEEEeeeeze!!!!!!

The Rules for those recieving an award are:-

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog
2. Link the person you received the award from
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Put links of those blogs on yours
5. Leave a message on the blogs nominated

So, here's who I'm loving to nominate...

Gretel with her inspirational art and heart fuzzing words at the Middle of Nowhere blog - All around us. My blog wouldn't exist if I hadn't stumbled upon Gretels blog one day last year when I was desperate for some inspiration! Her blog gave me a lovely, big, felted, kick up the bum!

Val at the Woolly Shepherd's Diary blog - A Small Holding in Somerset. An inspiring woman and downright practical too!

The Shepton Witch, discusses experiences of being a practicing Hedgewitch, open heartedly and beautifully. We won on the Terminator Seeds, the ban was upheld!! I reckon it was because they read your blog! - The Shepton-witch

Annie, over the pond in CANADA ( :0), has a wonderful blog - Sensible Living. It is all about her experiences raising her beautiful children in a natural and 'non-coercive' way.

Paxye, Annie's lovely friend, has a fabulous blog too called A Hippy with a Minivan. Her blog is an insight into how she raises her gorgeous kiddies using similar techniques to Annie. She also has some crafty stuff to snout out too!

Ancestral Celt has a fantastic blog that makes me spend money! It is bursting with resources on all things Pagan and great reviews on books and other media - Meanderings Along an Ancestral Pagan Path

Andy's blog is incredibly insightful and well written. I always come away from reading his blog with a lot to think about but feeling much calmer. The Spiritual Journey of a Somerset Pagan

So, there's my seven! There are others I would have given the award to as well but they already have it!!

Thank you everybody for taking the time to write your blogs and share, with such honesty, heart breaking at times, your stories, feelings and life.

It really is an honour to have the opportunity to be so nosey. :0)

Offerred with much love for the continued happiness of all beings and non-beings,



  1. Thanks Hen! I love your blog!


    ps. I'm in Canada. Vancouver Island to be exact. ;-)

  2. AAaaarrrgh!!! My Canadian friend would get me good if I said she was from the USA! Sorry Annie, I'm going to amend my post accordingly!!!

    Heee heee!!!!


  3. Oh Hen, thank you so much! I love reading your blog too and I you didn't already have the award, you'd get it from me.

    I shall have lots of fun working out who my seven bloggers are, though it will be an interesting contest.

    Sorry I've not been about much lately - bad back and a mountain of work have conspired to keep me away from the more pleasurable aspects of being on this infernal machine! I have another week in smelly old London next week and after that I hope that I shall be able to write more and get back to my preferred normality.

    Thank you sweetie!

  4. "AAaaarrrgh!!! My Canadian friend would get me good if I said she was from the USA! Sorry Annie, I'm going to amend my post accordingly!!!

    Heee heee!!!!


    Well I love you so I'm not feeling sore at all! No offence to any Americans but I absolutely do not want to be confused for one! Ha!


  5. Shepton witch, your are more than welcome!! I can empathise with you and your bad back. I went to a chiropracter for a while for mine. Soooo painful. I shouldn't have dug a giant wildlife pond in flinty soil with such vigour!

    Be kind to your back bean and don't sit for too long! xxxxx

    Annie! heeeheee!!!


  6. OHHHHH wow! Thanks so much!! I feel very humble.........I ramble on and on and its lovely to know people read it!!!

  7. Thank you so much for my award, Hen, that was so kind of you! I would love to have returned the favour, but you already had an award and I wanted to try and 'big up' those that didn't. You made my day, thank you once again!

    Andy, x

  8. Wow! What a lovely thing for me to get at the end of a trying week. Thank so much Bee-Leaf; its most appreciated.

    I've put up my nominees here.


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