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Photos of the Solitary Retreat

Here are some pics from the retreat. There will be more when I do my diary thing on my new blog Solitary Retreat. There is a feed just to the left so you can see what's going on over there. Thank you so much everybody for your comments!!!

The cottage is in the middle of this photo somewhere...

Yes, this is a brand new Ashford spinning wheel. For some reason I got a double drive and it's a pig to learn on! My reasoning was that I would be getting Exmoor Horns and therefore needed a wheel that could do a stronger yarn. What I didn't realise was how fiddly it would be to work out!

It's another Hen-head wearing a horny head-bag. I have named this particular bag 'Trinity' after the stitch that I used on it. There's a couple of lines of crosses that run along the head-bag. I worked the crosses out using the trinity stitch. Actually I got bored practicing the trinity stitch and managed to somehow make little crosses in a fluky kind of way!! I loved it though!

This little family came to visit me one day. This photo doesn't really show just how tiny the kittens were, I think it's because their mum was also very young (she is in the middle front, black and white). They were all healthy though and pinged and sproinged their way around mums hunting ground. I am convinced it was their first day out. There was a barn on the other side of the valley that I saw her go into one day when I was watching her through my inspectacles. So she is obviously an un-neutered barn cat. There was a rather heart stopping adventure that they all had that day too, which I'll write about on the other blog!

This is a fairy... shut up, it is...

This was the garden she was tending when I snuck up on her...



Thank you everyone for your kind words of support around this retreat!


  1. Hen,it is a faerie, it really is!! and thats definitely a faerie toadstool, Iknow these things...

    Leanne x

  2. Of course it is a fairy! (who said otherwise??) I could do with a retreat, I really could.

    Thank you for being lovely about WG - he is going to be a Christmas present for someone's dad who is a cricketing fan and loves the real WG Grace.

  3. Yip, it certainly was a fairy! She got grumpy when I took a photo of her when she wasn't looking and pinched me with her secateurs. That's why she isn't in the photo of her garden, I flicked her flowery backside. Grump.

    Gretel, you are more then welcome, your illustrations and your needle felting really are special. You have a real skill and the amount of comments you get telling you the same thing is proof of that (if ever it was needed!).
    I hope you are able to find some time to take a day or so off. You've been so busy recently. You just have to book it and then you'll be on it! Do it!!

  4. Without any doubt it's a Fairy! What lovely photos, and what a lovely cat family!

  5. I agree with everyone else, it IS a fairy, and I too know these things :) The ones at our field aren't nearly so pretty though! They are quite quite brown and curious looking. Some are very naughty and tie the horses manes into intricate knots and plaits!

    Off to check the retreat blog now, take care Hen. x

    Kim x

  6. Lovely! I love the photos. I'll admit I wish I could have been there too!


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