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Ivor Williams Trailer... Leo is handy.

Earlier in the year we bought a new trailer. It was tricky for us to decide whether we wanted to buy one with a ramp or not. We were told that you had to have one or the other.

We wanted one with a ramp because we wanted to be able to shift livestock when needed. Therefore the ramp had to be reliable, solid and big enough. Unfortunately having a ramp adds extra weight and resistance when you're driving and so bumps up fuel costs. It also gets in the way when you are trying to load it. (unless you are loading using a wheelbarrow, then it's just slippy). It can stop you backing right up for loading as well.

Ignoring the advice that you can't have it interchangeable, we bought one with a ramp with the cunning plan for Leo to convert it to take a tailgate. We decided on making the tailgate and not the ramp because we reckoned it would be cheaper and less fiddly. It is also more important that the ramp is fit for purpose for the wellbeing of the animals that will be using it.

So here it is... Leo's amazing tailgate! It is brilliant and totally interchangeable with a ramp and cost about £35 to make. Now I don't even notice the trailers attached to the car (not sure that's a good thing or not!). It's a proper professional job and everything!

Thank you bean!!


  1. Very smart! Isn't he a star? It's always nice, when people tell you that you can't to rpove them wrong. Go safely with that trailer Hen, we like you just the way you are!


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