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I'm moving house ... again

This week I've moved, and am moving, into a new cottage in the Cotswolds, nearer to Bristol. Devon is going to have to wait for a bit longer, for reasons out of my control.

Life, eh?

It's a stunning little place with 3, yes 3 gardens and a workshop. Soo, Leo and I will be able to get on and build up our little enterprises while we're waiting to get down to the land. We will, of course, still be working on the land as much as we can, but it will be limited due to these meddling circumstances. So we are considering renting out the pasture and just focusing on the conservation work needed in the regeneration areas and the woodland.

Oh well, *sigh*. I'm going to make the most of being nearer to Bristol. I've not lived near a big town for years!


  1. Commiserations bee-leaf. I do know what some of what you're going through is like. This rented cottage we're in, near Chesterton Windmill off the Fosse, was two small cottages knocked into one so it has three gardens, two ponds and a 'few' sheds. I see it as a blessing because I have to think its part of a plan... and yes, this sort of thing does make you resourceful - in my case 'cos I can't pitch in doing diy - the owner would not like that!

  2. Oh Hen, what a surprise. You looked all set to be digging into Devon, but life does sometimes throw us some odd curves. I hope your move goes well and that you'll see it as a positive. Sometimes these things open up new opportunities and avenues that we can't even see at the time.

    Three gardens! Wow, that will keep you busy. I'm perfectly green as my one tiny, smaller-than-a-pocket-hankerchief garden sounds paltry next to your three!

    Whatever the reason, I hope something really good comes out of your move my dear xx

  3. well just can get involved with the permaculture scene in Bristol! ..........and the land will not suffer as its been there for millennia and will wait for you until you are ready and the time is right xxxx

  4. i hope your temporary home makes you happy until you reach devon....

    Leanne x

  5. :0)

    Thank you guys! I'm going to make the most of it!


  6. Oh bugger. What a pain. Maybe by the time we get down there, you'll have sorted something out...but your new place sounds pretty fab - three gardens!

    Be careful of the big city, there are some funny people there I've heard...


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