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Clear Blue Autumn

Today there was magic in the air. Magic that gets me deep in my belly and gives me clarity and peace. My mind is turned towards Yule, the coming of mid-winter. Already the signs of labour that has carried on through these months of winter, out of sight, beneath the soil, are beginning to show. Roots and bulbs swelling and preparing for the wane of winter heading towards the birth of spring.

I happen to love autumnal days like this one. Especially when I can spend my time in the woods, exploring, feeling and learning. It is so important to our well being to be able to experience nature in this way. So important. My greatest wish is that as many people as possible can experience their world like this and find peace and solidity.

My other greatest wish is that Willow would stop rolling in poo. Especially when I'm trying to get all spiritual and that.


  1. What beautiful pictures you take. Willow looks looks a right bonny dog. Mind, it is said of me that I relate better to animals than people. Dawn

  2. lovely pics :o)
    ive left a couple of awards for you on my blog :o)

  3. Thanks Dawn. That's Willow's serious 'I'm on business' face. I was holding a twig. Very serious.

    nita that's fantastic!! Thank you so much!


  4. We have a Willow in our family too, but she is a cat.


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