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Bivouac, insomnia and what I'm not doing.

Here's what I'm not doing this weekend anymore as I've had a bowt of insomnia this week and I'm wasted...

This is how I bivvy. I use the outer of an old one man tent as a shelter, my thermarest and sleeping bag - which Willow sleeps on too. Even when I'm in it she sleeps on it!

When there is two of us on a bivvy this is how we like to set up. It makes it easier to throw things at each other and talk rubbish all night. It also means we can put the fire between us and catch the heat in both tarps. When it gets late we can climb into our sleeping bags and still maintain the fire, continuing to talk crap and poke each other with sticks.

A bivouac is totally different to staying on the land. Everything is light, compact and each thing I carry has to have more than one use.

So, this is a post about what I'm not doing.



  1. Hi, Follow your blog now and then...I often click on the blogs of people who my profile has common ground with. I, too, have not slept well this week. Third night in a row up after just a few hours sleep. My husband is camping right now...In Georgetown, DE...waiting for the last dirt track race of the season to begin. He'll get a kick out of this entry...Happy Bivvying...did i spell that right?

  2. Looks like fun - must feel wonderfully close to nature. Shame about the insomnia - I suffer from it quite badly at times too and know how debilitating it can be - so you have my sympathies! Hope you're feeling more sprightly soon!


    Thanks very much for your kind comments about my blog - makes it worthwhile!

  3. I hope you're feeling better soon and sleep right through - it's ever so tiring when you have broken nights, isn't it? Still, lashings of fresh air will help.

    I do envy you your bivvying - can't even manage to camp while the hip is dicky, but hopefully, once I'm mended I shall go back to it with a vengance. In the meantime, it's fun enjopying it vicariously through you, even when you're not doing it!

    P.S. did you know that the new word verification doesn't work in Safari or netnewswire? The word verification image doesn't appear, just the little red cross.

  4. Hi hen,
    Now that's a neat idea about using a tent outer. to find a tent!

  5. gosh, I seem to be becoming a serial commenter on your blog :)
    Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that I've tagged you for a green meme - looking forward to seeing your responses.

  6. Sorry to hear you both get insomnia too (Kathy and Kittyboo). It knocks you out for days doesn't it?!

    Kathy, it must be something in the air! :0)

    SW, Hope it's not too long now before you get you hip sorted out. I didn't know that about the verification. Do you end up having to use a different browser? How annoying!

    Pablo, It works great, very light and because of it's design has plenty of places to tie off from along the ridge.


  7. Guess you have a lot on your mind or something stopping you sleeping. This might sound daft but I sleep the best sleep only if my feet are north easterly/head south westerly. Love your sense of fun and wish I had a bloke to camp out with in the woods and poke with a stick! liZZie X

  8. poor you that sounds like a torture methord hope all is well soon drew


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