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  1. Wowee! Absolutely stunning. I'm having a go with your soup recipe but using soya milk and may give goats milk a try next time. I don't suppose you have any good sough dough tips? Also, though I didn't comment at the time your fantastic post about how you camp made me think - made me think that may be my camping days may not be over after all. Alternatively I was eyeing up those truly wonderful sheds on the shedworking blog - now have you thought of one of those on your Exmoor land? I love your posts even if I don't always comment, 'cos I think I'm always kind but not necessarily necessary! liZZie x

  2. LOL!! I don't expect comments every time! I do sometimes feel bad if I read a post and don't comment though!

    I've not made a sour dough yet, but plan to! Hope all these posts about meat aren't too much Annie! I know when I was vegan I found it a little hard to stomach the idea of meat.

    We'd love to put a human shelter up on the land but planning regulations here pretty much forbid it, unless we pay a lot of money and jump through several hoops! Ridiculous really, if there was a shelter there we could care for the land more.

    When do I get to read about your land!?!?!


  3. hiya hen how are we? Also its drew here as in drewdunnrespect of bushcraftuk just to let you know that i have add you to my blog. By the way ausome blog and wish i had land like you and love the photos

  4. Ooooh! Just gorgeous, thank you for sharing :-)


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