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4 years in the life of a collie...

Lovely Sarah reminded me that I should really talk about Willow hound more. So, as a sort of apology to Willow for ignoring her, although she's never mentioned the fact she feels left out, I thought I'd do this quick homage to her life so far...

 Well, Willow is a bit mad. Clearly proved above. Enough of that tho... back to her story...

Willow small and Willow big.

The puppy picture, above left, was Willow going into the garden for the first time after bringing her home. When I went to the breeders she was sleeping in her basket exactly like she is in the picture below. We decided to get one from a breeder as this was Leo's first dog and we wanted it to have good genetic history, to minimise the risk of future poorlyness.

My first collie, Woof, was bought for £10 from a farm at the bottom of Tryfan in Snowdonia, from the most beautiful and heart wrenching working mother and the most hardcore working father. Woof was the best dog I have ever had and out of all the beings on this planet that I have met, none have matched her in companionship. I can say this without fear of reprisal from my friends as they know already! Woof was irreplacable. Anyway, more about Willow...

Willow spends a lot of her time sleeping, like this...

Sometimes she sleeps like this...

She does love a fire.

My niece and Willow are the same age and are the best of friends.

The gangly stage.

This is Billy. Billy the Goat. He was Willows favourite toy. This is Billy trying to escape. Unfortunately it was his demise and Billy is no more.

It's so exhausting being a Willow.

Especially when you spend your day climbing trees.

What is that all about?!

My favourite Willow face!

The last thing Willows victims see.

So, that's Willow. I'll remember to include her in my pictures and stories from now on.




  1. Willow is adorable, thanks for sharing a little bit about her with us.

  2. What a great photo story of her life. Her puppy picture in the garden is too cute! And all the other photos are fun too. Nice to meet you Willow!

  3. Looks like you have a very happy dog and a beautiful place to explore life from.

    Happy Holidays and Happy Everyday...

  4. Willow is beautiful and I especially love the last photo in the snow.

  5. Oh oh oh! I love her!!

    Bella, who's since passed away was my dh's Woof and Oscar is my Willow.

  6. Ooooh, she's soooo fabulous. Thank you for sharing those pictures, I have puppy envy again now!!!

    Kim x

  7. Thank you soooo much for my lovely, lovely basket :)

    Kim x

  8. hi from Aus, found the blog randomly, here's to permaculture.

    here is our piece of paradise:

  9. Oh, thank you Bee! Lovely, lovely pictures. I'm in love with her.

    I think she's beautiful now (especially the picture of her smiling), but I'm a sucker for gangly teenager border collies. She's so darling in that picture.

    I had a Woof. My first border collie. My first *dog*. I still miss him.

  10. Glad you all like the photies. It was a real blast going through the 500(!!!!) pictures of her to pick some for here.

    Glad you like the basket Kim!

    Welcome Paul - your place looks just amazing!!

    Sarah - She was a pesk at the gangly stage. Hanging off my backside with her pointy teeth a lot of the time. She is a very well behaved silly dog now though!

    I think everyone has their Woof at some point when they live with dogs. *Sigh*, I really miss Woof.


  11. Those are wonderful photos, you, Willow, and your niece. I will ask you about a basket in the New Year. Glad you're trading, congrats, it's really great how it's worked out.

  12. hen they are lovely pictures , willow is gorgeous :o)

  13. Oh blimey! I'm rolling around laughing like a Willow dog at the last thing her victims see!

    Gorgeous to see her as a wee pup and I recognise that belly!
    *rub, rub*


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