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Winter Solstice

I hope you have all had a wonderful Winter Solstice and are looking forward to Christmas!!

Leo and I had a beautiful little celebration on Sunday afternoon in the woods. There is a Tufa spring there and we centred our moment around that. I'll try and get a photo of it another day, it wasn't really the right time to take a picture, if you know what I mean!

Two of my closest friends have been staying with us, sharing the solstice and we've had such a lovely time. It's been many years since we've all been together and it brought me a contented peace to have everybody in the same place (must be the collie in me!).

Leo and I made our tree this year from willow and greenery from the woods. It was great fun making it and looked shabby for ages until Leo started stuffing it with green foliage and lights! Then we covered it in some of our decorations.

I made this fairy the first Winter Solstice Leo and I spent together - 8 years ago! It might be pants but it makes us laugh - she always has pride of place! This picture is in the wrong spot on this post! Ooops!

Another fuzzy willow tree picture!!

I had a lovely surprise in the post the other day when my, now, favourite tree decoration arrived in the post! It is a handmade, needle felted little bird from Gretel Parker over at the Middle of Nowhere blog. The little bird is exquisite. I bought a pack of christmas cards from her and everyone I have given one to has been blown away! Gretel is also mastering the art of Gocco printing. I've never seen anything like it before and I love it!

The hanging decoration below is sooOOoo beautiful! I bought it as a gift for someone, but I hung it up and now I don't want to let it go! It was made by an incredibly talented woman over at Faerie Nuff's stuff. When I opened the box I got the scent of christmas wafting up at me!!

My own contribution to Winter Solstice, crafty business is my needle felted holly thing below...

On our solstice walk in the woods I took some pictures of the progress of the flora! These Primrose leaves are so lushious and vibrant.

Then we came across this Primrose which had a bud about to burst!!! We were so ridiculously excited, as you can imagine!

I meant to post about Lord and Ladies last week. I've been watching them popping up all over the woodland recently. I love the spirally way they grow, unwinding.

I can't confirm what this is... anybody?

SNOWDROPS!!!!! There are at least a handful of burst snowdrop flower buds in the woods!

My wishes for your happiness in the coming year!!

in peace,


  1. :) What a brilliant idea, to have a wicker tree. (I don't know about mastering the art of Gocco, I think IT may master ME!) That is a bluebell. I think, poking its head up or possibly a wood anaeome. (it must be warm over your way, to have all that greenery going on!) Have a lovely peaceful Yule and don't forget to come over in 2009. x

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! All of it! I love your little tree, and all your decorations. I have been admiring Gretel's felted work on her blog, very nice little ornament. And how exciting that there are plants about ready to bloom around there, that is one of my favorite things, new flowers. Thank you for sharing your beatufiul holiday decorations, and experiences! Have a wonderful holiday season with you and yours!

  3. i love your tree hen, its beautiful. the whole post is lovely

    solstice blessings to you and Leo

    Leanne x

  4. Love your decorations and I'll have to look out for our snowdrops, too. They have yet to make an appearance.

  5. Lovely photos, especially the snowdrops - amazing to see them so early, it must be much milder than here.

  6. Glad you had a lovely peaceful solstice - sounds such a lovely way to mark it. Your tree is really beautiful and I love your decorations. Have a wonderful christmas!

  7. Lovely post Hen, I really enjoyed reading it, and your tree is simply gorgeous.

    Solstice blessings and a very Merry Christmas to you all :)

    Kim x

  8. Amazing idea for a tree!

    Peace to you Hen and Merry Christmas to you both!

  9. "I can't confirm what this is... anybody?"

    - a bluebell?

  10. The tree, the decorations, the new finds outside... love it all.

    Hope you have a happy holiday, Hen!

  11. :o)

    Hope you have all had a wonderful holiday so far!

    I think it must be a bluebell then, I'll keep a close eye on it!


  12. I love your blog- it makes me think. Thank you!

    and I've tagged you in a random facts little game if you wish to play?


  13. liizzzzzzeeeeebean30 December 2008 at 22:00

    spanglebean i went a bit squigdgey inside when i saw the photo of your amazing tree - you made everything so lovely, welcoming and cosily christmassy, it makes me want to sing and squeeel, (but seeing as i am much better at squeeeling than singing, i'll do that instead) x x x


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