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These gentle days...

... are quite cold.

cor, it's chilly isn't it!

I was out and about and had to call Leo to take a photo of the Sun this evening. Did anyone else see it? Huge and clear and sooo red.

He was all warm at home but went on a mission in the freezing cold to get the photo. My hero!

Hope you have all had a peaceful Christmas and I wish you all every ounce of happiness in the universe for this coming year,


  1. thats such a stunning photo, well worth going out in the cold for! Leanne x

  2. gorgeous pic hen :o)
    and happy new year to you too, hope yours is full of everything your heart desires :o)

  3. What a beautiful photograph! We've had so many blustery, stormy, gray days that I've almost forgotten what the sun looks like!

  4. Beautiful photo. All the best in the new year.

  5. Wonderful photo, I love it shining through the trees, the branches look like rays of the sun. Tell Leo thank you for the picture for me. =) I just went to the link for Leo's jewelry, beautiful! I love the simple graceful lines, and the blue stones.

  6. Such a beautiful photo hen, the skies have been too grey here recently to see marvellous sights like that.

  7. I've let Leo read all of your comments and he is all chuffed now!

    Glad you like Leo's jewellery!



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