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Pants! But a what a lovely day anyway.

Today I was supposed to be on a lambing course in the Blackdown Hills run by The Woolly Shepherd. I didn't get to go in the end. Pants. That's what, Pants!
Well, I had a lovely day anyway. Above is the latest on the snowdrops in the woods! Lovely!

Everything is still so frosty and up on this hill the air has been frozen now for weeks. I can't get to soak any willow for basketmaking because we have 3 inches of ice on our pond. I'm going to have to think about something else... maybe the wheely bin???

The woods are still glorious. Pockets of crystallised trees everywhere.

There is a lot of box in our woods. It looks amazing with the frost on it.

This is a larch. It was like walking through a tiny frozen waterfall. Into this frozen tunnel of butchers brrom, box, beech saplings and dogwood!

In the woods there is a cut through which shows the cotswold stone. There are fossils in it and it's covered in male fern and hearts tongue fern, framed by frozen box. Just beautiful!

It's a beautiful world we live in!


  1. Oh wow, the photos just get better and better.

  2. The photo of snow drops just made me smile, thank you. :)

  3. Shame about the course but beautiful pics (as usual!)

  4. What a shame you didn't get to your course. These hoar frosts that we are getting are wonderful aren't they? They just transform everything, you've had it colder than us so yours seem to have lasted longer - it doesn't seem to deter the snowdrops though. They are such brave little flowers.

  5. What is truly amazing, when you think about it, is that it only take one small change to make the ordinary extraordinary. Or, perhaps, it is that it only take one small change to allow us to see the beauty that was always there in the every day.

    In this case, just add water and freee.

    The pictures are spectacular.

  6. How wonderful. You have flowers already. They are eager to greet the new world.

  7. Isn't all the frost amazing? Wow, beautiful shots! Those little snow drops are so adorable, so eager to make it into the world, tipped in frost. Looks like Willow enjoyed the day too!

  8. Beautiful! The snowdrops are amazing, and fit right in, but what a surprise.

  9. Lovely frosty photographs. Snowdrops always make me smile. No matter how awful the weather has been they always emerge with such hopefulness that winter will soon be gone :)

  10. Wonderful pictures--I want to go to a place like this one day. Thank you for your blog.

    Clayrn Darrow

  11. those frozen branches are so pretty, they almost look fake!
    how beautiful!

  12. wonderful wonderful pics Hen.thank you for sharing them with us. :-)

    Leanne x

  13. Hello Hen, thanks for your lovely words about my new painting.. I was a bit doubtful about it myself!
    You take such lovely photos and what beautiful woods!
    Sending you happy new year wishes from the orchard..
    Rima x


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