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Some things what I made over Christmas and that

Now, most of these pictures are really badly shot, as I forgot to take any when I had time and instead snapped them in bad light and as people were trying to leave the house!

This first basket is a 'Little Things' basket that I made for a lovely woman to give to her lovely someone...

This is a basket that I sold so it could be given to someone's lovely mum...

I gave this basket as a gift to my spangly best friend, the bean of spangledom. (Please forgive us our girliness, we can't help ourselves!)

My bro has this now, whether he wanted it or not!

My other bestfriend, we shall call him 'Ebob of no particular wit', puts his pants in this basket now. Unclean pants, I hear. tsk.

I gave the basket below to my aforementioned best friend, Ebob of no particular wit. He puts boys things in it. Pv tape, batteries, bits of string, speaker bits, 'noggits and tings' - whatever they are (smelly boys things no doubt)

I made this little bag for my squeeely spangle bean friend to keep her special stones and cards in. It's the 'horny trinity head bag' that I made on solitary retreat, which I turned into an actual bag, because that's really what it was!

So, I had a busy but lovely time! And everyone was very polite about their gifts too!!


  1. Lucky people! Lovely, lovely gifts hen. It must be nice to know that your beautiful baskets are being used - even if it is in ways you didn't envisage.... :) Oh and I'm sure people weren't just being polite - bet they were bowled over with amazement and delight!

  2. What beautiful gifts...I am sure everyone loved them.

  3. Those are wonderful creations Hen. I am right impressed with how productive you are. I saw a range of baskets recently (not as good as yours by the way) but there was one I'd never seen or heard of before, you might be interested, a 'stair basket' so it could rest on the bottom or top stairs ready for someone to carry with them. Shaped like stairs perhaps I should say.

    When you're ready to take orders I should like a particular kind of basket of your design for collecting and storing moonbeams in and also a dinky one especialy for Frankie and Elbey's toys, perhaps one that long slender cat's arms can reach in and find something to play with.

  4. they are all lovely, well done all your hard work in making them, im sure everyone loved them. :o)

  5. Wow your so clever. Those baskets are amazing and I absolutely adore that bag. I can't knit to save my life. xxxx

  6. They turned out so great! I'll admit my favourite is the fifth one down. They are so beautiful, Hen!

  7. You're so talented. Handmade gifts are always more beautiful.

  8. Absolutely beautiful!! I bet everyone was amazed and truly grateful for the wonderful things you made them. How could anyone not love a useful, lovingly made, beautiful basket? And such a cute little bag!

  9. Blimey, my head just exploded! You are all really kind to give me such a hoooge boost!! Thank you!!! hen xxxx

    Annie, I agree with you. It's simple and strong and full of pants. I've got one that I've kept for myself full of kindle twig by the fire. It's a no messing, put things in it, basket! hen xx

    Lizzie, I've seen those stair baskets before, they look like a fab idea! A bit beyond my skill at the moment, but I bet Basketbob does them...(
    It would my pleasure to make you a moonbeam containment basket, I'm not sure it can be done though, I'll have to get my ACME design hat on and get the cogs working. Willow has a basket with all her toys in and she loves rummaging through it! I've almost got her to tidy up after herself now! hen xx

  10. Beautiful creations, and you know? I'm sure everyone was completely delighted! As for your girliness, I revel in it. Thank you for sharing your heart. You inspire me. :)

  11. Ohhh. Did I die? Did I find heaven? How can I have such a heart for crafts like this, but not make them?

    Thank you for sharing with your friends, and the photos with us. Your blog is beautiful. Your photos are gorgeous. Your humor is Winnie-the-Pooh-esque. I can ask for no more.

    Glad you stopped by.

  12. Anyone who is so talented and skilled deserves praise. Simple creations and yet so exquisite, so beautifully crafted, wonderful. Well done lass.

  13. lizzzzzeeeeeeeebbeeeeeeeen7 January 2009 at 20:33

    hey spanglesqueeeezesquish!!! ITS amazing to see all your creations on here.....i just cant help myself but to write and say HALLLLOOOOOO!!!! I use my basket every single day and its fills me with squish (of the pleasant kind) to do so!!!!!! licks and love x x x x x x

  14. I am so impressed by your baskets! You are a true artist.

  15. I love your baskets Hen, and I love the chance to visit your blog. Right now I think I need a solitary retreat.

  16. Your basketry is Great. Do you sell your creations at a store or online at all?

  17. Your friends and family are very lucky people to be getting these lovely handmade things.I really like the bag, it is so pretty.

  18. **Beam!** Thank you! :o)

    DarkleyFey, After being a tomboy all my life I didn't realise that Lizzee and I were girly until I saw all of the eye rolling when people saw us together! Ok, so we squeel a lot, ok, so we dance around a bit and talk in silly voices and talk a LOT and laugh a LOT! Is that so girly!?! :o)

    Ruth, Hello there! I'm sure one day you'll pick one thing and have a go at it! That's all I did. Lovely to meet you. xx

    Dawn, thank you sooOOoo much for your lovely words of encouragement. Your blog post about your trip to North Wales is BRILLIANT! I have to go back there now!!!! Right now!!!

    Carrie, (((((squuueeeeEEEeeeeze)))))) thank you very much. xxxxxx

    Barry, I'm not surprised you need to retreat at the moment. I'm not sure I'd like that for this blog. It must seem a bit of a mixed blessing! (For those of you who don't know, Barrys' blog became a blog of note the other day. He went from a few followers to well over 200 overnight!)

    Bernie (Natural Moments), I'm happy to sell to anyone who would like to have a basket. There's no shop though, I'm working on that! Send me an email if you'd like to find out more :o)

    Hello Rowan, thank you xxxx

  19. LIzzEEEbEEEEeeeeEEEEEAN!!!! Hello you! You're supposed to fill the basket with squish. Silly.



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