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Hen's Dream

I was outside on what felt like the roof of an office tower block, I could see there was more building above us. The building was near the sea in a built up and busy area.

I was sitting on a high backed chair, woven with willow and I couldn't learn. A young man in his thirties was trying, patiently, to teach me something and I couldn't learn it. I was worried about this. But he kindly said that I shouldn't worry because there was more to life than I knew. Someone would be coming to show me, very soon.

A moment later a woman came. She was in her 60's with blonde hair all wavy and beautiful. The web of wrinkles on her face held a wide smile in place. A gentle smile. A knowing smile. We talked about diamonds. I told her that I regretted having so many diamonds in my life. That it was a weakness and it was only when I was prevented from having more diamonds that I gave them up. She said nothing mattered now. There is more to life than you know. Look....

She held her arm out as though to peel back a curtain. That is what it was. Our world was a curtain which just needed to be opened to see the 'more to life than we know'. The beautiful lady took my hand and her smile led me into the other space. We stepped through and into, what I can best describe as, Christmas. A warm place of dark reds and greens and the secret sparkle of gold deep in the shadows.

I stood in awe. Soaking the feel of the room into my bones. Without being aware of it she stepped us back out and the curtain closed. She had gone but my teacher was still there, smiling warmly at me, head cocked to one side, arms out for a hug. I lost myself in that hug. I felt released and happy.

Then the alien invasion happened. We looked over the balcony out to the sea and saw the ship coming. Saucer shaped, of course, with sides that folded round making a hook effect. It swooped down and skimmed the sea to help slow itself down. It seemed to ricochet off the ocean and fly up into the air towards us. The sound as it flew passed threatened to tear my brain out. An electric ripping of the air around us.

We had been so enthralled at the sight and so in shock from the sound that we failed to notice the alien creature floating behind us on the other side of the balcony. It fired an electric blue shot at us that seemed to miss, but I don't know how. We ran past it, back to where I had stepped through the curtain. Waiting for us were 5 more aliens. Beautiful elongated human forms but instead of flesh and bone they looked like they were made of diamond. Dazzling Electric blue and white, sparkling from within a powerful energy field that surrounded them all. They were holding something. I heard them say something but the noise from their energy field had pierced my mind like a gale force wind. The next thing I remember is waking up in a cold metallic chair surrounded by this energy field. The noise, so loud, intense, electric, threatening to make me pass out again.

I see a man, that I somehow know is able to step through the curtain into other dimensions. He has stepped out of his chair and is trying to speak with the aliens. They do not understand and instead put a creature on his head. An ugly, octopus type thing with huge crystalline eyes and 5 stumpy tentacles, suckering, to his skin.

Then I woke up.


It makes me laugh that aliens came!

I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts on this dream.  10 years ago I used to practice Lucid dreaming and did, in fact wake up in the middle of this dream to say goodbye to Leo.  It's the second time I've done this recently without trying.





  1. Hi Hen
    I'm not sure I can offer any explanation to your dream but it seems to me you are about to make a quantum leap! That maybe you are becoming more aware...?
    I love dreaming. I haven;t had a scary dream for a very long time and most of them are blissfull, I have a glowing warmth when I wake..perheps what I long for in real life.. hey ho! what exactly is lucid dreaming? just waking mid dream?

    The last post is great too. Really useful info for my offa's dyke walk, thanks. would quite like to know what equipment you consider essential too....when you have a min...!

    Thanks for your concern over at mine, not as dramatic as it sounded...a few hiccups that's all!

  2. Jung would be a good start! It's only metaphors, metaphors... A hunch from me would be that having had anaesthetic (presumably) not long ago and how surgical intervention of any kind can feel like an intrusion, if only at a subconscious level, your metaphoric capacity has upped, but when you next meet an alien I'd advise asking them in for a cuppa and a consultation.

  3. sarah, I'd love it to be a quantum leap! It's amazing you have such blissful dreams.

    Lucid dreaming is, very simply, teaching yourself to be aware while you're in your dreams. I used to have dreams so intense that I wanted to be able to wake up when I'd had enough. You can also tell yourself what to dream about too. It's really cool when it works. I'm totally out of practice now though.

    I've got a list somewhere of my kit, I'll dig it out and post it up.


    Lizzie, It hadn't occurred to me that the alien probe might be a metaphor for surgical intrusion! I would have loved to talk to those bloody aliens but I couldn't think in there!

    I'm going to start practicing lucid dreaming again. That was fun! I love experimenting with my brain!


  4. I think this is a positive dream in all aspects. I believe the diamonds represent your soul and your soul has been split many times and lives in many dimensions in the one now experiencing many points of view for learning. But the time for splitting up the soul is over and it is now a time of convergence where your other souls in other dimensions are being directed to rejoin them selves into one so you can achieve awareness that transcends both time and space, such as Buddha did when he could recall all of his past lives. The aliens are interdimensional spirits probably assisting you and your higher soul, the one who could travel between dimensions, to achieve this higher awareness. The octopus like divice will link all of your split souls into one Consciousness. The aliens may be altering your energy field to achieve what the woman was saying about seeing LOVE that is currently behind the curtain or veil. Total Acceptance or Pure Love will be achieved when you retrieve lost aspects of your soul like a shaman does within the Dream realms. Once fully integrated, you will have all the personal power needed to manifest whatever dream you experience into the physical realm.

    Well, that's at least what I have read into your Dream from this View Point.

  5. All I can say is, wow what a dream. I think you are feeling challenged, although I also think that you have the answers you need, but outside 'noise' is getting in the way.

    Take care

    Kim x

  6. Wow, what an absolutely spectacular dream in all aspects! There are so many profound messages in this dream, I think it is a connection with your guides and higher self for sure.
    For the learning part, when we put effort into learning knowledge, we only get so far. But when we fill ourselves with wisdom, everything we need is presented at the right moment.
    The diamonds could represent so many things. I like Bernie's interpretation. Another possiblity that came to mind for me would possibly be beliefs or memories.
    There is a very important reason they say keep the spirit of Christmas through the year. That warm fuzzy, loving feeling that we get from that spirit of giving is an important part of living in each and every moment. I think thats great that is the room that you were taken to!
    And then the aliens, how much fun is that! They could represent so many things, including possibly real aliens.
    What a great experience, thank you for sharing it with all of us. I love dreaming, I can easily sleep in when I am enjoying a dream. I wish I had more profound dreams like yours though, mine tend to be much more simple, and scattered. I would love to learn lucid dreaming, I think I have just been too lazy to really get into it.
    Keep having fun in dream land!

  7. WOW!!!!

    There is so much to take in here. Thank you so much for taking the time to write these amazing comments.

    Thank you!



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