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Willow Foraging Basket

I can show you the foraging basket I made, now that I finally managed to get it out to Kim from Oakmoon who ordered it!  

It's a stout basket, with a thick handle.  It's tough and should last for decades!  That's one of the things I love about basketry and weaving in general.  The strength created by weaving is mind boggling and very beautiful.  When we were on the ferry coming back from the Scilly Isles last year I was mesmerised by the rope that they used to tie the ferry to the land to stop it floating away.  As thick as my thigh and made by twisting and weaving grasses or whatnot.  

Anyway, I've got willow soaking in preparation for my next few orders.  These next orders are really going to challenge me.  So I need to order some more bolts to get the practice in!



  1. It turned out beautifully! Wow.

    The strength of little things when woven together in the right way is amazing, isn't it?

  2. Oh, beautiful! This is just SO much 'your' craft. (I am much more in tune with lovely baskets than mountains and bivvying, I am a soft southerner...)

  3. That's wonderful, Hen.
    We've started a crafts and basketry group on Woodlife. Could sure do with displaying some of your work and perhaps a pointer or two.
    All the best,

  4. That is wonderful indeed!

  5. Sarah that's so beautifully put. Made me think of your two little girls. :)

    PG, I'm getting a bit cosy and squishy the older I get! Hence all the baskets and wool. I love wrapping myself up in a knitted blanket, crocheting and watching House on the computer. Lordy!

    Pablo, Thanks! I've posted about baskety things on Woodlife. I'm still working on my 'How to make a basket" tutorial and will put it on your site when it's finished. :)

    (((Mara))) - thank you!!


  6. Amazing craftsmanship--Bravo Hen!

  7. wonderful work lass. By the by, you mentioned convalescence recently. Hope you are on the road to recovery.

  8. Oh, that is so very lovely. I really like how you use different colour willow to make your baskets - it really adds something. When I made my (one and only) basket a couple of years ago, I made it all the same colour and I really wish now that I'd used different colours. It's fantastic that you're getting so many orders in btw - well done you! :)

  9. I love this basket, it's really beautiful.

  10. Again, high praises from me. Absolutely beautiful. That is so wonderful that you are getting orders. One of these days when I have the money I will order baskets from you for all over my house! hehe.
    Keep enjoying all the different forms you can create with your beautiful craft!

  11. The basket is even more wonderful in reality. I just love it soooo much. Thank you Hen, I couldn't be more pleased :) Although your photo does it more justice than mine does!

    Kim x

  12. Do you ever make sculptures Hen? something along the lines of Serena de le Hay's running men?

  13. Thanks ((((Dawn)))) xxxxxxx

    Rebecca you can probably weave in some different colours that you forage into the basket you made. Really thin dogwood and that. xxxx

    I better get practicing then Stacey!! :)

    Yay, Kim!!!

    Sarah, I'm just about getting my head around making baskets and hurdles at the moment. I do have it in my mind to make an abstract sculpture for the garden this year though.... hmmmmmm........


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