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Created by Hand

Created by Hand is a beautiful new blog created by Every Photo Tells a Story.  The aim is to feature the work of people passionate about their craft.  This week, very kindly, my basketry has been featured  :)

Thank you xxx


  1. What a great article and review on your work Hen. Now we know your real name too. :) You've emerged from beneath the willow trees and into the spotlight to show your love of the earth.

  2. Very, very well done Hen! What she says about you and your work and how you go about it needs kept close forever, especially for taking out and looking at again should you ever have doubting days.

  3. ((((((((thank you bernie))))))) .... I really am hen though! :)

    hmmm.... days like today and yesterday and the day before... etc.... :) you're so right Lizzie. See you sooooooooon!!!!! :) :)


  4. I never know the proper etiquette, and whether I should comment:) But, it was my pleasure to feature your beautiful craft, Hen. And, thank you, for providing most of the information for your posting:D

  5. How neat that you got to be featured on this blog. Very nice. Since this is a passion of yours, I think you will be featured many times. Your energy shines through.


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