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Ramsons in Flower - well... nearly!

This is a picture of the very FIRST Ramson bud of this season that I have seen!!!!!!  I resisted the temptation to scoff it there and then and just took the photo!  Buried beneath the luscious garlicky leaves were a few more buds...  

... You can just about make them out in this picture (you'll definitely see them if you click on it).  At about this point a rather sweet, friendly, squishy, labrador/springer-spaniel cross, dog came bounding over to say hello to me and sat on this particular plant, very obediently, waiting for a cuddle.  Well, nothing's sacred is it!?

You'll have to make this bigger to see it clearer.  Although it'll still be a messy picture.  Perhaps I could get some tips on how best to take a picture of something so bitty from someone who knows better?  Anyway, it's the patch of wild Gooseberries that I photographed earlier in the year.  It's coming on much sooner than my Gooseberries.  I'm really excited to see how early it flowers!  I reckon it'll be in the next couple of weeks.

Right... lunch over back to weaving a Foraging basket!




  1. Your walk abouts always look so beautiful. Are these pictures usually on your land? If they are, you live on a very beautiful piece of land.

  2. Those ransoms look beautiful - and the bit about the dog made me laugh. I know a lot of dogs like that:)

  3. Stacey, No unfortunately we don't live on our land. Doing that is a bit tricky in the UK. Most of my pictures are from our local woods. As for being surrounded by lovely baskets - no! I'd only made about 5 baskets before people started asking me to make one for them. So I've only got the wobbly first ones! I was thinking yesterday that I really want a Foraging basket and washing basket! :)

    Rowan, I had such a lovely day making your basket yesterday!!! I've experimented a bit with the weave- I love it so nothing to be scared of!!! :)


  4. hen, just wanted to say that I think the 'you might like these stories' widget is truly wonderful! I downloaded it myself last night and then got lost in all my own past posts - went to bed at 11.45pm instead of my usual 10'o'clock! I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't seen it here so thank you :)

  5. Ah Rowan, I copied it from nitas blog! :) It's fab isn't it!


  6. I like the stories wizards too. What an excellent idea and they compiment your blog really well.


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