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Deciduous Woodland in Spring - Coed-y-wenallt

I stayed with my gorgeous friend Lizzie at the weekend in Wales.  Today we explored the breathtaking broadleaved woodland called Coed-y-wenallt near Cardiff.   It was carpeted in bluebell leaves and ramson leaves.  Not one bit of ground wasn't bursting with green!  Well, except that bit in the picture...  

I nearly wet myself in excitment when I saw my first flowering Bluebells!  Lizzie was practicing her navigating - luckily - making sure we got places, while I gawped, photographed flora and fell over... often.

(you'll probably have to click the picture to see the flowers!)

Well, if I hadn't already wee'd myself, I would have done when I came across theses little beauty's!  Wind flowers.  *sigh*

There were more of those little Scarlet elf caps too (Rowan - After finding them today in Wales I looked them up and they are common in damp bits of deciduous woodland on decaying branches.  :)  ).  The branch these were on was really long and they were budding out all along it.  It's so special to see bright red at this time of the year.  Really tickles the eye.

Here's a basket...

It's a fruit and veg' type basket, sort of thing.

I love basket bums.  Always have, always will.  

Happy, gloriously warm (but not too warm!), springday to everybody!



  1. Oh what a beautiful woodland - and not too far from me - yay! Must pay it a visit sometime soon. I took baby small for a walk in the sunshine today and it was great to see so many signs of spring peeking out.

    Lovely basket too - the colours are gorgeous.


  2. Looks like a lush place. Must have been exciting to visit and to feel the earth springing forth. All that vibrant green to absorb. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  3. That first pic is a keeper: small path winding its way deeper into a deciduous forest through a carpet of green, nice :) Nice basket as well!

  4. A basket bum, I have never thought of it that way. I will never look at a basket the same way again, that is quite a handsom basket bum.

    What a spectacular outing, all that green is so beautiful. I wish we were that far along here, its trying, but it keeps staying cool here. Today it even spit some snow again. Thank you for sharing the flower pictures, I needed the color! I bet you and Lizzie had a great time together. :)

  5. Great pics Hen...happy spring to you too!

  6. Must look out for the scarlet elf caps then, they should grow in my local wood if they like damp deciduous woodland. As for seeing windflowers and early blubells! The bluebell leaves are barely through the earth yet and no sign of the windflowers either. Of course we are a good bit higher and norther than Cardiff and it makes a huge difference.


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