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FIrst ever linen basket - a practice one!

This has taken me, so far, about 15 hours.  That includes the border (which is post this picture, because I'm not very happy with it).    It's a practice one for a basket I'm going to make next week.  I thought I'd better make sure I can actually make one before making the poor woman buy it!

This structure is so strong I can turn it upside down and sit on it!  

I've had such an amazing day outside making baskets.  It's been just lovely.  Well, until I realised the border was going to cause me pain.  :)



  1. Oh that is brillant! Really worth the 15 hours, and you will be quicker next time, I'm sure.

  2. Wow Hen, It sounds like you have a great business going. Your products look great. I like the shape of the basket. It reminds me of a pottery. I look forward to seeing how the top will look like when it is done.

  3. It's so wonderful that you have so much business. I love the linen basket! Your house must be filled with spectacular baskets! I really like that picture also, the basket has great shape, and the background really complements it.

  4. Hen, that is an amazing basket! Listen, did you receive my email regarding being featured?


  5. That my dear is a very beautiful linen basket...too nice to put dirty laundry in..I should all it something else!

  6. PG - I've got to be quicker if I'm to stave off getting a job!

    Bernie and Stacey, Business is creeping up on me! It's lovely!

    Thanks Nancy :) Email sent xxx

    Sarah :) This morning it was nearly for keeping Willow in! The pesk!

  7. That's beautiful Hen. Far too good for stinky laundry :)

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm trying hard not to be a misery-wort today :)

    Kim x

  8. 15 hours is a lot of work for one basket. looks great.


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